Friday, July 16, 2010

Lunch in the park SLC

I have posted about lunch in the park in Pocatello, but we never knew they offered this program in SLC. Heidi found the list of parks that offer free lunch at the library. One Wednesday we decided to take the kids together. It was awesome! The kids all had so much fun with their sack lunch. No fighting over what they had to eat, everyone was excited to be outside, at the park, and with friends. Thanks everyone for going.

Sawyer and Jr were so excited for their Cheetos!

Davis leading the way down the slide. 1. 2.3. GO!!!!Livie, Davis and Sawyer digging in the sand. Always fun getting dirty!Handsome boy!!!Cheese!!! I love this little girl. Isn't she beautiful!
I think she looks like her mommy (Katie) in this one.
After lunch in the park we headed back to grandma's for fun in the sun! The kids played in the sprinklers, went down the slide into the pool, and we had a water balloon fight. Being outside is my favorite. I love watching the kids play around without a care in the world, just being kids.
Sawyer and Jr couldn't decide what to do. So many options!

What a great day! Thanks everyone for playing. We always love our Wednesday activities!!!

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Haley said...

duh, i just saw this for the first time!!! looks like fun. too bad we are missing this stuff!!!