Sunday, July 4, 2010

St. George

After our trip to Italy, we didn't take much of a break before our next trip. We headed down to St. George to see Mark's mom Connie and Gill. Mark and I both love St. George. When I was pregnant with Sawyer, we actually saw him move for the first time at Connie's . What a great memory! Grandma Connie's house is so comfortable and warm. Both Grandma Connie and Grandpa Gill loved visiting with Sawyer. There's just something about St. George that is so relaxing. The company is great, the temp is perfect, and we always come home talking about how we need to get a place there. I'm sure Grandma Connie would love it if we moved there. I guess for now we will just make our visits more frequent. Buying a house there right now just isn't going to work.
Here Grandma and Sawyer are walking the dog Pandy. This dog is so sweet! I must say Pandy has the best parents a puppy could ask for. They sure love this little girl!

Taking a stroll in the park.

Grandpa Gill took Sawyer up the hill to look for the stream down below.

Grandma and Grandpa playing with Sawyer!

Catch me Grammy!!!!

Precious boy!!!

You never see these kind of toys any more. I must say this park was pretty unique. It was very beautiful with an amazing view, plus all the kid toys were different. They even had hanging swings for parents to sit in as they watched their kids.

Thank you Grammy and Grandpa for letting us visit. We will definitely come again soon. We love you both so much and want you to know we think about you all the time. Sawyer loves you as well. See you soon!!!

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