Friday, July 16, 2010

Team Activity

During the summer on Fridays, we always take the team girls to lunch in the park. It's turned into a really good way for the girls to bond, play, and get out of the gym for an extra 30min. Often times, the girls will tumble and show off their skills while having their break. It's awesome. On this particular Friday we combined lunch in the park with our monthly team activity. We headed to Ross Park for lunch and swimming.
Here are most of the team girls. We were missing a couple but it's hard to get everyone on the same day.
The girls were headed up to the slide so I made them stop for a photo.
Sawyer, Kennedy, Jill, Adri, Rachel, Maysi, Tessa and Melia. Not everyone but close.

Another group shot by the slide. This one is missing more of the girls but I thought it was cute.

Here is everyone that went swimming, Sawyer and I, Rachel's friend, Kennedy, Tessa, Mauriana, Rachel, Melia, Adri, Jill, Maysi, Laura and Ocean. What a great group of girls we have right now! They are all such sweethearts and get along with each other so well. Laura is a coach at the gym and my friend. Her little guy Ocean is almost 1. Sawyer loves to play with him. We all do! Thanks Laura for helping supervise.

Adri and I.

Everyone seemed to have fun on our first summer activity. I think our next activity will be at Lava Hotsprings. I'll keep you posted.

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