Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Blue Angles Air Show

Earlier this summer (July 25th), the Blue Angles came to Idaho Falls. I had never been to an airshow before and we all know how obsessed Sawyer is with Air Crafts. What a perfect family outing! We were also lucky enough to have Keaghan with us. The boys loved every minute of the show. I did take a ton of pictures but we cant post them all. Here are a few. What an AWESOME show and wonderful day!!! There were all different types of "air craft" on display. Sawyer and Keaghan went to them all. I love the old ones.
Two little buddies!!!
There were also military trucks and helicopters. The kids could get in these trucks. I must say this was one of their favorite parts of the day.

They loved these seats since they look right out the window. Crazy driver!!! Watch out!!!
Great shot, don't you think?

Its amazing how fast and close these "air craft" pass each other. Another good shot.

There are plenty more pictures but I didn't want to over post. One of the other highlights of the day was watching the "wing walker." It's a brother and sister act. The brother flies while the sister walks on the wings of the airplane. SCARY!!! Since the "air craft show," Sawyer talks about it when he is flying his planes around the house, car, gym or anywhere we might be. The funny part is he will ask us, "mommy, daddy, is this like the air craft show?" I love it! The way he says it is so funny! Plus I love that he remembers. What a great day!!!

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