Sunday, September 26, 2010

Papa's Birthday

Sawyer and I headed down to SLC for Papa's birthday party. Sawyer loves papa so much and talks about him quite often. I love it! It really makes me feel good that Sawyer feels how much papa loves him and cares about him. Sawyer was really excited to help papa open his presents. When he opened the frog for the pond, Sawyer was so excited. What a great gift from Aunt Nancy and Mike. The perfect gift for my dad. How sweet is this! I must say this is my favorite picture of my dad and Sawyer. Perfect in every way.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD (PAPA)!!! We love you so much and hope you had a wonderful birthday.

Monday, September 20, 2010


Every year my dad goes up to Snowbird for Oktoberfest. I have never been before but have heard so many great things. This year I decided to join my dad and take Sawyer to our first Oktoberfest. I really enjoyed the day. It was so beautiful. The leaves were just starting to change and the kids danced to German music, jumped on the tramps, played on the bounce house, climbed the rock wall and ate bratwursts. What a great way to spend the day.

What a beautiful day. I love this picture. This might sound weird but I think this is a perfect picture for my dad. So much of what he does is outside enjoying the fresh air. He is totally in his element and has some family with him. Love you dad!

Grace and Sawyer sliding down the bounce house slide. Always a hit.

I also love this picture. We are riding the bus to the vendors. It just so happened that everyone was looking at the camera. Love it!!!

After what I thought was a great day in the mountains, we headed to grandma's house. Aunt Holli bought Sawyer and Davis twiner hats, so we stopped by Hillary's to get them. Aren't these two adorable! I love the hats. You wouldn't believe how many times people ask if they are twins.

Here are two videos of the kids dancing. They are doing the chicken dance. The other video is me trying to get dad, Jan, Gerry, Heidi and the kids all dancing to some folk music. What a blast!!!

I'm not sure what happened to the videos. For some reason they wont play. I'll work on it.

Thank you dad and Jan for having us join you. We enjoyed every minute. We love you!!!


What can I say but we have had an AWESOME summer. We started out with a trip to Italy and ended the summer in Hawaii. Not many people have the luxury of traveling like we do. With two perfect jobs allowing us to leave on a whim, I wouldn't change a thing. This was Sawyer's first time to Hawaii and he loved it. The temperature was perfect, the water was warm, no schedule, just relaxation. The perfect trip to end the summer.

This isn't the best picture but we needed a picture just after we got off the plane. I love how you walk through the open area to get to baggage claim and the car rentals. It definitely starts the Hawaiian feel!!!Here we are taking a walk on the beach. You can see Diamond Head in the background. Sawyer was ready for the beach!!! He couldn't wait to play in the sand. He played all day everyday. He was so fun to watch.
Lov'in the beach!!!

We went on a Catamaran one evening. It was the perfect way to spend the night. I love being out on the ocean, it feels so free. We stayed out for a couple hours and enjoyed every minute.

Family photo.

Daddy and Sawyer with Diamond Head in the back. What a great shot!!!

We stayed at the Hilton for part of the time. What a wonderful splurge. Sawyer loved the waterfalls, the parrots, and the fish ponds. He was in heaven.

While on the Catamaran Sawyer was the captain. He loved it!!!

Sawyer would lay on the ground and watch the fish. Every time we passed a pond, he would stop and talk to the fish. It was precious.

How adorable! Loving the beach!!

Sawyer loved the water. It was the perfect temperature and there were no waves. He stayed in the water for about 1 1/2 hours before he asked to get out. He is so funny!

Captain Sawyer!

Enjoying our time out on the ocean.

Sawyer loved his tractors from the dollar store. What a smart purchase. I love it when you don't have to stress about the missing toys. He was able to keep track of them the entire trip. Yippee!!!

What a handsome boy!!

More fun in the sand!

This trip was perfect! Sawyer is always really easy to travel with, which makes it nice. Mark and I just loved watching him play. He is one of those kids who can entertain himself and love every minute. We love him so much! What a great way to finish our summer.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Bye Bye Keaghan

All good things must come to an end. Keaghan stayed with us for 3 weeks. It was a great time for all of us. Sawyer loved having a buddy to play with everyday. Keaghan was so good to him. Hopefully Keaghan enjoyed playing with Sawyer as much as Sawyer loved playing with him.

Such sweet boys!!!
We flew down to SLC in the morning and Keaghan played at my mom's for the day. He fit right in. As you can see by all the smiles they played hard, laughed hard, and had a great time together.

This was taken when we picked Keaghan up and flew to Pocatello. I just love his smile!

What an awesome 3 weeks we spent together. We can't wait until next summer when you come back to visit. We love you Keaghan!


As you should all know by now, Mark and I take last minute vacations all the time. We decide we want to go somewhere and we end up leaving within the next couple of days. While we had Keaghan, we decided we wanted to go somewhere. Our original plan was to go visit Grandma Connie in St. George. We jumped on the airplane and started our journey. When we arrived in SLC it became very clear that we were not going to get on the flight to St. George. We asked one of the agents to look up a California flight. The agent said there is one leaving in 20 minutes that still had seats. Lucky for us, Mark's sister Lori lives in California. We called her and asked if she wanted company for the weekend. She said she would love to have us. We ran to the the gate and boarded the plane with 5 minutes to spare. An hour and a half later we landed in Orange County, rented a car and headed to Lori's house in Laguna Hills.

This was another first for Keaghan. He had never been to the Ocean before. We must be some pretty awesome grandparents to take him on all these first time events. We were all so excited to go to the ocean. It was late when we arrived at Lori's but we still wanted to head to the beach. We grabbed some dinner then took the boys to the ocean. Here they are in front of a palm tree with the ocean behind them. I wish you could see the waves but I'm not that great of a photographer. This will have to do.Sawyer waiting for the wave to get his feet. I love that game.The next day we headed straight for the beach. The boys were so excited to play in the sand and water. Here Mark and Keaghan are getting ready to go in the water. Nice trucker hat don't you think?
Daddy and Sawyer going to play in the water.

This picture reminds me of Baywatch. So funny!!! In all seriousness, Keaghan played in the water all day. He would run in and out of the water, jump the waves, sit and let the water splash him. I think he was in heaven. He loved it!!!

Sawyer and I played most of the day in the sand.

I really think Sawyer could play in the sand all day. I guess it's a good thing I love being in the sun. He did a great job building tunnels and castles.

He loved watching Keaghan play in the water.

These two play so well together. When Sawyer needed to cool off, Keaghan would take him by the hand to the water. They would jump the waves together. It was adorable.

What a stud!!!

Loving the ocean!

I love this one. You can see how well they get along.

Not only did we have a great time at the beach, but it was great family bonding. Mark and Lori hadn't seen each other for a long time and talked into the early hours. Thank you Lori for having us! We can't wait to come visit again.

Fun Times

While Keaghan was in town, we wanted to take him to Ross Park to swim. Sawyer and I love to go and had been a few time already this summer. I'm pretty sure Keaghan loved it as much as we do. He was so nice to play with Sawyer in the kids pool.

I haven't been able to get Sawyer to go down the slide. I thought after he watched Keaghan go, he would try. NOPE! We got to the top and he made me take him back down the stairs. Next year hopefully. As for Keaghan, he loved it! I love that he already has his nose plugged before he gets to the water. Thank you Keaghan for being so good to Sawyer. He loves you so much and considers you one of his best buddies.

More play time in the kids pool.

Handsome boy!

What a great day! I always love going to the pool.

Keaghan's first flight

For the last couple of summers, Mark and I have been lucky enough to have Keaghan come spend a couple weeks with us in Pocatello. This summer was especially exciting because we flew Keaghan up instead of driving. This was Keaghan's first time flying. I felt so lucky that Miranda was comfortable enough to let me take him for the first time. He was so excited! He couldn't wait to get on the airplane. He asked every question you could think of. He wanted to know all about security and why you have to go through the metal detector. He came up with all kinds of stories and "what ifs." He definitely kept me entertained, not to mention he took good care of Sawyer as we walked through the airport.

We couldn't check in at the kiosk so we headed over to the agent. Keaghan thought that was great! He couldn't wait to let her know this was his first time flying.

E74 was our gate. I couldn't wait to get a picture of the two boys in front of the gate. This is a memory I hope they never forget. I just wish you could see Pocatello on the board. Oh well! It's a good picture.

Walking to the airplane holding hands. Sorry it's blurry but it's the best picture I could get.Just before Keaghan boarded, I held up the line to get a picture. Yes I'm the annoying passenger who makes everyone wait so I can get a picture of every moment. This one is a little dark but I didn't want to hold the line up any longer.

This one is perfect! If your wondering what the orange thing is in his hand, it's gum. He wouldn't put it down. He didn't want his ears to get plugged on the plane so he made sure he had it available at all times. Lucky for him he had a single seat right in front of the flight attendant. She was really great with him. She explained to him exactly what was going to happen. He did get a little nervous just before we took off. He was so sweet. He reached for my hand as we took off. He kept asking if we were still going up. I must say I loved every minute.

What can I say but he was a great first time flier. He was so excited when the flight attendant came around with peanuts and drinks. He thought that was awesome! He looked out the window for the majority of the flight. It was a clear night so he could see all the lights below. It was a perfect night to fly. Thank you Miranda for letting me take Keaghan on his first flight. This is one of those special occasions I will never forget. Keaghan, I hope you had as much fun on your first flight as I had taking you.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Days of 47 Parade

Every year on the 24th of July, we head down to Norma's house to watch the Days of 47 Parade. This is a family tradition that has been going on for years. In fact, I can't think of a year where we didn't go. Best part of all is we head to Chuck-a-Rama after the parade for lunch. Many people would think this isn't a great tradition but I love it. We sit out in the heat, wait for the BYU float to go by and cheer in Jan's favor and the happy birthday announcement for Jan. Who wouldn't love it! Great times with family and friends.

My precious boy!

I love this picture of Jason and the three boys. Everyone else in the picture also looks great.

Sawyer and Jr watch as the parade passes by. They loved it!

Katie and Aunt Gerry. Big thanks to Aunt Gerry for getting our chairs out early. You are a trooper!!!

Bailey, Brooke and Olivia.

What a precious picture. Grace is such a great big sister.

Gerry always says she doesn't take good pictures but I think this one is GREAT! We love you!!!

Isn't he the sweetest boy you have ever seen? I think so!

I'm not sure what float is passing but Sawyer was really in AWE! To funny!

After the parade and lunch, we headed to Holli's house to go swimming. Davis is so funny! He has no fear of water. He was showing Sawyer all of his tricks. What a great time.

One, two, three, jump!!! Davis would jump in over and over. Sawyer would have nothing to do with it. Silly boy!

What a wonderful day we all had. From the parade, to lunch, to swimming, we had a pretty busy day. It was just like every year on the the 24th of July. I look forward to each year.