Thursday, September 16, 2010

Bountiful Pool

Sawyer and I were so excited when Heidi told us she was headed to the Bountiful Rec Center to go swimming. We flew to SLC on Friday morning and met up with Heidi and the kiddos. If you have never been to this pool, it's worth the drive. They have a kid's pool outside that has a big ship with slides, waterfalls and all sorts of fun things. They have a couple indoor pools, one with a huge water slide and lazy river. There is also another indoor kid's playground. This pool is AWESOME!!! Grace loves the high dive, so we spent a little while in the big pool area. I couldn't get in the pool, so Grandma was helping with Sawyer. Thank you Grandma and Heidi for playing and taking care of Sawyer.

Good times in the lazy river.

Heidi was nice enough to take Sawyer down the big slide. He was nervous at first but ended up loving it!

What a grin!!!

The kids stopped swimming just long enough to have a Popsicle. Yummy!!!

Three little fish!!

Little buddies!

Here is Sawyer walking down the stairs of the ship. All the kids love it!

Spraying time!!!! WATCH OUT!!!

The 24th of July was the next day (Saturday), so the rec center also had a parade and a bunch of rides. We decided to take the kids to play after they were done swimming. Sawyer couldn't get enough of the slide. It was a shark, you slide out of its mouth. It was enormous. As you can see he loved it!

Heidi and Jr. We love you!

What a great day! Thank you grandma and Heidi for helping with Sawyer. I must say it was so nice that grandma got in the pool with the kids. It always makes for great memories when grandma plays.

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