Sunday, September 19, 2010


As you should all know by now, Mark and I take last minute vacations all the time. We decide we want to go somewhere and we end up leaving within the next couple of days. While we had Keaghan, we decided we wanted to go somewhere. Our original plan was to go visit Grandma Connie in St. George. We jumped on the airplane and started our journey. When we arrived in SLC it became very clear that we were not going to get on the flight to St. George. We asked one of the agents to look up a California flight. The agent said there is one leaving in 20 minutes that still had seats. Lucky for us, Mark's sister Lori lives in California. We called her and asked if she wanted company for the weekend. She said she would love to have us. We ran to the the gate and boarded the plane with 5 minutes to spare. An hour and a half later we landed in Orange County, rented a car and headed to Lori's house in Laguna Hills.

This was another first for Keaghan. He had never been to the Ocean before. We must be some pretty awesome grandparents to take him on all these first time events. We were all so excited to go to the ocean. It was late when we arrived at Lori's but we still wanted to head to the beach. We grabbed some dinner then took the boys to the ocean. Here they are in front of a palm tree with the ocean behind them. I wish you could see the waves but I'm not that great of a photographer. This will have to do.Sawyer waiting for the wave to get his feet. I love that game.The next day we headed straight for the beach. The boys were so excited to play in the sand and water. Here Mark and Keaghan are getting ready to go in the water. Nice trucker hat don't you think?
Daddy and Sawyer going to play in the water.

This picture reminds me of Baywatch. So funny!!! In all seriousness, Keaghan played in the water all day. He would run in and out of the water, jump the waves, sit and let the water splash him. I think he was in heaven. He loved it!!!

Sawyer and I played most of the day in the sand.

I really think Sawyer could play in the sand all day. I guess it's a good thing I love being in the sun. He did a great job building tunnels and castles.

He loved watching Keaghan play in the water.

These two play so well together. When Sawyer needed to cool off, Keaghan would take him by the hand to the water. They would jump the waves together. It was adorable.

What a stud!!!

Loving the ocean!

I love this one. You can see how well they get along.

Not only did we have a great time at the beach, but it was great family bonding. Mark and Lori hadn't seen each other for a long time and talked into the early hours. Thank you Lori for having us! We can't wait to come visit again.

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