Sunday, September 19, 2010

Keaghan's first flight

For the last couple of summers, Mark and I have been lucky enough to have Keaghan come spend a couple weeks with us in Pocatello. This summer was especially exciting because we flew Keaghan up instead of driving. This was Keaghan's first time flying. I felt so lucky that Miranda was comfortable enough to let me take him for the first time. He was so excited! He couldn't wait to get on the airplane. He asked every question you could think of. He wanted to know all about security and why you have to go through the metal detector. He came up with all kinds of stories and "what ifs." He definitely kept me entertained, not to mention he took good care of Sawyer as we walked through the airport.

We couldn't check in at the kiosk so we headed over to the agent. Keaghan thought that was great! He couldn't wait to let her know this was his first time flying.

E74 was our gate. I couldn't wait to get a picture of the two boys in front of the gate. This is a memory I hope they never forget. I just wish you could see Pocatello on the board. Oh well! It's a good picture.

Walking to the airplane holding hands. Sorry it's blurry but it's the best picture I could get.Just before Keaghan boarded, I held up the line to get a picture. Yes I'm the annoying passenger who makes everyone wait so I can get a picture of every moment. This one is a little dark but I didn't want to hold the line up any longer.

This one is perfect! If your wondering what the orange thing is in his hand, it's gum. He wouldn't put it down. He didn't want his ears to get plugged on the plane so he made sure he had it available at all times. Lucky for him he had a single seat right in front of the flight attendant. She was really great with him. She explained to him exactly what was going to happen. He did get a little nervous just before we took off. He was so sweet. He reached for my hand as we took off. He kept asking if we were still going up. I must say I loved every minute.

What can I say but he was a great first time flier. He was so excited when the flight attendant came around with peanuts and drinks. He thought that was awesome! He looked out the window for the majority of the flight. It was a clear night so he could see all the lights below. It was a perfect night to fly. Thank you Miranda for letting me take Keaghan on his first flight. This is one of those special occasions I will never forget. Keaghan, I hope you had as much fun on your first flight as I had taking you.

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