Monday, September 20, 2010


Every year my dad goes up to Snowbird for Oktoberfest. I have never been before but have heard so many great things. This year I decided to join my dad and take Sawyer to our first Oktoberfest. I really enjoyed the day. It was so beautiful. The leaves were just starting to change and the kids danced to German music, jumped on the tramps, played on the bounce house, climbed the rock wall and ate bratwursts. What a great way to spend the day.

What a beautiful day. I love this picture. This might sound weird but I think this is a perfect picture for my dad. So much of what he does is outside enjoying the fresh air. He is totally in his element and has some family with him. Love you dad!

Grace and Sawyer sliding down the bounce house slide. Always a hit.

I also love this picture. We are riding the bus to the vendors. It just so happened that everyone was looking at the camera. Love it!!!

After what I thought was a great day in the mountains, we headed to grandma's house. Aunt Holli bought Sawyer and Davis twiner hats, so we stopped by Hillary's to get them. Aren't these two adorable! I love the hats. You wouldn't believe how many times people ask if they are twins.

Here are two videos of the kids dancing. They are doing the chicken dance. The other video is me trying to get dad, Jan, Gerry, Heidi and the kids all dancing to some folk music. What a blast!!!

I'm not sure what happened to the videos. For some reason they wont play. I'll work on it.

Thank you dad and Jan for having us join you. We enjoyed every minute. We love you!!!

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Ryan and Katie said...

Those videos are hilarious!!!!!