Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Happy Halloween 2010

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. Usually, I get dressed up and can't wait to see how everyone else dresses. This year was my year off. I didn't dress up but Sawyer had two costumes that he absolutely loved. We kept ourselves very busy for about two weeks with Halloween parties, and church functions. It was a blast! Thanks to all my friends who invited us to go with them. Our first Halloween party was at the Montessori School. We went with the Schrades (in case you forgot who they are it's Jennifer's family and one of my best friends). These kids always have the best time together. I think Sawyer and Eva might have a crush! I love it!

Here is the group of them, Ella, Eva, Sawyer and Emma. Sawyer is one lucky boy!!!Sawyer was showing off his cool candy bag from Aunt Holli. Thanks Holli for the costume! We love it!!!Scary teeth! Not there best look I don't think.After the party I headed back to the gym to finish up open gym. This is what Sawyer had on under his skeleton costume. He looked so adorable. The picture just doesn't do it justice. I love this little guy!The following day, Casey took Sawyer to her church trunk or treat and Halloween party. I was working and didn't have his costume, so she put this one together for me. Her entire family are real cowboys, so the costume was perfect! Sawyer wouldn't take it off. When she sent me the picture of him while I was at work, I couldn't believe how adorable he looked. Thank you so much Casey!Once I got to the party, I couldn't believe how awesome it was. They played games and got tickets as their item instead of candy. Once they were through playing games, they turned their tickets in for prizes. I thought it was a great idea.

Bodie, Tessa, and Sawyer.Look at that cute bumm! I can't turn it around. Sorry!On Halloween day, Emma had her birthday party at the gym. Jennifer went all out for this party. I don't think it could have been any better. Emma turned 8 and she wanted it to be perfect. I'm positive it's a birthday Emma will never forget.

Here are Sawyer and Eva eating their snacks. They played together all day!!!
Party time! Emma opening her presents.

After the party we headed outside for a trunk or treat. My little cowboys is making a crazy face but looks adorable.

A couple of the team girls. Maysi, Tessa, Delphenia, and Sawyer waiting for the trunk or treat to begin.
Sawyer and his friend Spencer. Or should I say Buzz!

The three cowboys!

After the trunk or treat,Sawyer made a pumpkin cookie for dad.

We headed to the mall for trick or treating after the trunk or treat. It was fun but very crowded. Sawyer was still going strong.

We met up with the Schrades at the mall then headed out for the traditional trick or treating outside, door to door. That is my favorite way to trick or treat. The best part of the night was watching Sawyer and Eva hold hands as they walked from door to door. So funny!!!

What a great Halloween. It lasted almost two weeks. Thanks to everyone who helped me with Sawyer's costumes. We loved them all. We truly appreciate all our friends who hung out with us and made this Halloween one we will always remember.

Our first trip to Portland

We got home from Phoenix on Monday morning and Tuesday night we headed to Portland. You must think we are crazy! Honestly, no work was missed and what better way to spend a day off work than in a new state. One of our very good friends, Dave Hanncock called and asked us to come up and see his gym. Mark trained Dave to be a gymnastics coach and he has been very successful. Great job Dave! When we arrived, Jaime, Dave's wife and their two kids were already sleeping. Sawyer found a friend right when we walked in the door. I don't remember the dogs name but Sawyer loved this dog. Sawyer has had some bag experiences with dogs, so he usually doesn't get to close. He loved this dog! They had a sleep over on the couch for a while that I thought was adorable. Unlike my usual self, I didn't take any pictures on this trip. How dumb was that! It was our first time to Portland and no good photo. I'll definitely make up for it next time. We did have a great time with Dave and Jamie. We all get along so well and enjoy spending time together. Thanks for inviting us up and hopefully we will come again soon.

Back to Phoenix

We couldn't stay home any longer. It had been 5 days at least! We decided it was time to head back to Phoenix. Nice and warm. Our schedule this time was to visit with Jon for a day and spend more time with Mark's sister Lisa, her family and their mom. What a great idea!!!

This was probably Sawyer's most memorable flight to date. He actually got to sit in the cock pit! He was so excited! The pilots were so nice to him. They gave him wings that he keeps on his travel backpack. They let him get right into the captain's seat with no hesitation. It was so fun to watch him. He loved every minute. The best part is now when we fly he thinks he gets to go right to the front. I remind him everytime our seat is in the back. He says OK but always wants the captain's seat. Silly boy!
We stayed at the Hilton Tapatio Cliffs Resort. It was beautiful! We had appetizers at their restaurant that has an amazing view as you can see. This is Jon and Sawyer enjoying the view.

Mark, Jon and Sawyer.

The next morning we decided to go on a desert hike. Jon was so funny, he was getting Sawyer pumped up for the the hike. For a day and a half Jon would tell Sawyer we are going on a "desert hike". Sawyer figured out very fast what our plans were and wouldn't stop talking about the "desert hike". Just listening to Jon and Sawyer talk was so funny. Good thing we all ended up enjoying the "desert hike".Jon is a school teacher and decided to explain all the different cactus' to Sawyer. Sawyer loved every minute. His little brain loves to learn new things. Here are Sawyer and Daddy at the top of the hike. I never knew how beautiful Phoenix was until our last couple trips. What a great eye opener.
Sawyer found his first lizard and was fascinated. You have to look really close but it is there.

Not quite sure what signs Sawyer has going but I love the picture. The clouds look awesome, Phoenix below, and as always, the handsome boy.

After the "desert hike," we took Sawyer swimming in one of the 7 or 8 swimming pools. It was great! Nothing better than being in the warm sun knowing it is snowing back home!!

After swimming we headed to Lisa's house for dinner and let the kids play. This was their first time meeting Sawyer. Lisa has 6 children, one of her boys is 3 almost 4. Sawyer and Ben hit it off right from the get go. They played Lego's, cars, basketball, football, catch, everything and anything young boys do.

This is Ben, Jake and Sawyer.

What a great trip! It's always nice spending time with family and good friends. I think we have decided to make this a monthly trip depending on the loads. Thanks Lisa for the AWESOME lasagna. We had so much fun watching the kids play and spending the evening together.

The last warm visit to the Zoo

With fall in full swing and winter just around the corner, we decided to take the kids to the zoo. All the kids love going to the zoo. As always, the elephants and giraffes were the favorite animals of the day. We were so lucky this time because the elephants put on a show for us. The animal's trainers had the elephants doing all sorts of great tricks. It was like going to the circus! It was a hit!!!

Chase and Sawyer playing on the elephant's trunk.

One! Two! Three!!! The trunk will spray water right on chase.Davis and Sawyer admiring the giraffes.
The kids found this great hill to climb. It was actually a little steep and scary watching them. They all loved it!

Enjoying climbing time with the cousins.

Chase was all smiles on top of the Lion. We tried to get all of them on top for a picture but it just wasn't working. Maybe next time.

All in a row climbing up the Rhino. Davis is in the distance just chill'in. He is so funny!

I thought this was a good picture of all the kids.

The kids were watching the monkeys and turtles. How sweet!!!

Well, this was a great last visit to the zoo while it was still warm. Next time will be at Christmas when they have lights everywhere. We love that!!!! Thanks everyone for a great day!!!!

Pumpkin carving with Papa

Halloween is one of my dad's favorite holidays. Each year he has the best costume, he decorates the house, loves to scare the kids, and has a pumpkin carving party. It's a tradition thats been going on as long as I can remember. The kids love it!

Here is the clan. Not everyone is there but it's quite a crew.
Papa showing Davis and Sawyer how it's done.

McKinnley(Buddy) and Sawyer have always had an amazing bond. Buddy helped Sawyer carve his pumpkin. I loved being able to sit back and watch these two play. Davis was also helping but mostly watched.

Holli and Caroline. Holli always has a great costume but this year I didn't get a picture. Bummer!

Aunt Gerry helping with Mia while Katie carved pumpkins with Olivia.

Katie and Olivia carving away.

Holli is always surprising us with some crazing stunt. Thanks Holli for all the laughs. Love you! Jr. is such a cutie. The camera loves him.

Heidi and Jr. giving loves. She is such a great mom.

Here are some of the kiddos playing in the playhouse after carving their pumpkins. This is definitely one of their favorite places at Papa's house.

Brooke and Caroline

Such dorks! Bailey and Kennedy just being themselves.

What a great picture of Heather and Chase.

Caroline and Mia

Davis and Sawyer making their scarry face. Goofey boys!

Davis chill'in

Sawyer wouldn't take a normal picture. I guess he was really in the Halloween spirit.
Buddy and the boys.

The picture is dark but here they are. All the pumpkins with the owner standing behind making a scarry face. What a group! I love it!!!

A few of them up close. Great job everyone!

What a great pumpkin carving party. All the pumpkins turned out awesome. Best of all, everyone hung out together, talked and enjoyed good company. Thanks Dad and Jan for having everyone over. We love you!