Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Back to Phoenix

We couldn't stay home any longer. It had been 5 days at least! We decided it was time to head back to Phoenix. Nice and warm. Our schedule this time was to visit with Jon for a day and spend more time with Mark's sister Lisa, her family and their mom. What a great idea!!!

This was probably Sawyer's most memorable flight to date. He actually got to sit in the cock pit! He was so excited! The pilots were so nice to him. They gave him wings that he keeps on his travel backpack. They let him get right into the captain's seat with no hesitation. It was so fun to watch him. He loved every minute. The best part is now when we fly he thinks he gets to go right to the front. I remind him everytime our seat is in the back. He says OK but always wants the captain's seat. Silly boy!
We stayed at the Hilton Tapatio Cliffs Resort. It was beautiful! We had appetizers at their restaurant that has an amazing view as you can see. This is Jon and Sawyer enjoying the view.

Mark, Jon and Sawyer.

The next morning we decided to go on a desert hike. Jon was so funny, he was getting Sawyer pumped up for the the hike. For a day and a half Jon would tell Sawyer we are going on a "desert hike". Sawyer figured out very fast what our plans were and wouldn't stop talking about the "desert hike". Just listening to Jon and Sawyer talk was so funny. Good thing we all ended up enjoying the "desert hike".Jon is a school teacher and decided to explain all the different cactus' to Sawyer. Sawyer loved every minute. His little brain loves to learn new things. Here are Sawyer and Daddy at the top of the hike. I never knew how beautiful Phoenix was until our last couple trips. What a great eye opener.
Sawyer found his first lizard and was fascinated. You have to look really close but it is there.

Not quite sure what signs Sawyer has going but I love the picture. The clouds look awesome, Phoenix below, and as always, the handsome boy.

After the "desert hike," we took Sawyer swimming in one of the 7 or 8 swimming pools. It was great! Nothing better than being in the warm sun knowing it is snowing back home!!

After swimming we headed to Lisa's house for dinner and let the kids play. This was their first time meeting Sawyer. Lisa has 6 children, one of her boys is 3 almost 4. Sawyer and Ben hit it off right from the get go. They played Lego's, cars, basketball, football, catch, everything and anything young boys do.

This is Ben, Jake and Sawyer.

What a great trip! It's always nice spending time with family and good friends. I think we have decided to make this a monthly trip depending on the loads. Thanks Lisa for the AWESOME lasagna. We had so much fun watching the kids play and spending the evening together.

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Sarah said...

John is such a hoot!!
Okay, two things stick out very prominently here:
1. Sawyer is a very lucky boy to get to go in the cockpit! Maybe a future pilot??
2. It really is not surprising in the least that even during your "desert hike" Mark has his Diet Coke!!