Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Happy Halloween 2010

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. Usually, I get dressed up and can't wait to see how everyone else dresses. This year was my year off. I didn't dress up but Sawyer had two costumes that he absolutely loved. We kept ourselves very busy for about two weeks with Halloween parties, and church functions. It was a blast! Thanks to all my friends who invited us to go with them. Our first Halloween party was at the Montessori School. We went with the Schrades (in case you forgot who they are it's Jennifer's family and one of my best friends). These kids always have the best time together. I think Sawyer and Eva might have a crush! I love it!

Here is the group of them, Ella, Eva, Sawyer and Emma. Sawyer is one lucky boy!!!Sawyer was showing off his cool candy bag from Aunt Holli. Thanks Holli for the costume! We love it!!!Scary teeth! Not there best look I don't think.After the party I headed back to the gym to finish up open gym. This is what Sawyer had on under his skeleton costume. He looked so adorable. The picture just doesn't do it justice. I love this little guy!The following day, Casey took Sawyer to her church trunk or treat and Halloween party. I was working and didn't have his costume, so she put this one together for me. Her entire family are real cowboys, so the costume was perfect! Sawyer wouldn't take it off. When she sent me the picture of him while I was at work, I couldn't believe how adorable he looked. Thank you so much Casey!Once I got to the party, I couldn't believe how awesome it was. They played games and got tickets as their item instead of candy. Once they were through playing games, they turned their tickets in for prizes. I thought it was a great idea.

Bodie, Tessa, and Sawyer.Look at that cute bumm! I can't turn it around. Sorry!On Halloween day, Emma had her birthday party at the gym. Jennifer went all out for this party. I don't think it could have been any better. Emma turned 8 and she wanted it to be perfect. I'm positive it's a birthday Emma will never forget.

Here are Sawyer and Eva eating their snacks. They played together all day!!!
Party time! Emma opening her presents.

After the party we headed outside for a trunk or treat. My little cowboys is making a crazy face but looks adorable.

A couple of the team girls. Maysi, Tessa, Delphenia, and Sawyer waiting for the trunk or treat to begin.
Sawyer and his friend Spencer. Or should I say Buzz!

The three cowboys!

After the trunk or treat,Sawyer made a pumpkin cookie for dad.

We headed to the mall for trick or treating after the trunk or treat. It was fun but very crowded. Sawyer was still going strong.

We met up with the Schrades at the mall then headed out for the traditional trick or treating outside, door to door. That is my favorite way to trick or treat. The best part of the night was watching Sawyer and Eva hold hands as they walked from door to door. So funny!!!

What a great Halloween. It lasted almost two weeks. Thanks to everyone who helped me with Sawyer's costumes. We loved them all. We truly appreciate all our friends who hung out with us and made this Halloween one we will always remember.

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