Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The last warm visit to the Zoo

With fall in full swing and winter just around the corner, we decided to take the kids to the zoo. All the kids love going to the zoo. As always, the elephants and giraffes were the favorite animals of the day. We were so lucky this time because the elephants put on a show for us. The animal's trainers had the elephants doing all sorts of great tricks. It was like going to the circus! It was a hit!!!

Chase and Sawyer playing on the elephant's trunk.

One! Two! Three!!! The trunk will spray water right on chase.Davis and Sawyer admiring the giraffes.
The kids found this great hill to climb. It was actually a little steep and scary watching them. They all loved it!

Enjoying climbing time with the cousins.

Chase was all smiles on top of the Lion. We tried to get all of them on top for a picture but it just wasn't working. Maybe next time.

All in a row climbing up the Rhino. Davis is in the distance just chill'in. He is so funny!

I thought this was a good picture of all the kids.

The kids were watching the monkeys and turtles. How sweet!!!

Well, this was a great last visit to the zoo while it was still warm. Next time will be at Christmas when they have lights everywhere. We love that!!!! Thanks everyone for a great day!!!!

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Sarah said...

How fun to see how much fun you have with your family! The pumpkin carving party looks like a great time!