Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Off to Phoenix. Leaving Sawyer for the first time

The first part of October, Mark and I headed to Phoenix for a gymnastics reunion. Everyone was coming together to remember the life of Stormy Eaton. He was one of Mark's best friends. He lost his life in an airplane crash 20 years ago. Another one of Mark's good friends Jon set up the reunion. He asked Mark and I to come a day early and stay with him at Super Camp. Just the 3 of us, up in the mountains, enjoying each others company and all the wonderful memories. This was the first time we decided to leave Sawyer behind with grandma. Can you believe it! He is 3 and has only been left one time. You can only imagine how many times we called to check on him.

Marks sister Lisa lives in Phoenix, isn't she beautiful (yes she is shorter than Mark)! She was kind enough to let us borrow her camping gear so we didn't have to fly with it. Thank you so much!!! Mark and Jon catching up. I must say Jon is one of the nicest guys I have ever met. Thanks Jon for being such a great friend to Mark.

Monica, Mark and I sitting by the fire in the rain. It was awesome!There were about 60 people who came to the reunion. Everyone seemed to have a great time. I was so excited when one of mine and Hillary's favorite Utah gymnasts showed up. Amiee Tripanier!! I got right on the phone to tell Hillary. Mark and I ran into Amiee on the bus that takes you to the car rental. It was like little girls again. It was so funny!!!For those of you who don't know Monica Shaw, she was one of the greatest bar workers of all time. She trained at Rocky Mountain, and was one of the older girls we all looked up to. She has a bar move named after her that is on the banned list of skills. You should look it up, it's amazing!!! We all had some wonderful memories to share.Monica, Mark, Me and Quinn. Quinn was one of my coaches at Utah State. He is one of the funniest people I know. He is living in California and doing great.Sorry for the blurry picture. This is a bunch of us around the fire in the rain, singing songs and telling stories about Stormy.While we were in the mountains, Sawyer was having his first sleepovers with grandma. We missed him so much!

He's sound asleep. Dreaming about us I'm sure!!!

The three boys having a lunch party.

Heidi took the boys to the park one day.

Jason took Sawyer and Davis to Fat Cats to go bowling. I think everyone was trying to keep sawyer busy so he didn't miss us to much.

Conference Sunday was while we were gone. Papa always has lunch in the park on Conference Sunday. Sawyer was all smiles.

Band practice. This looks like so much fun! I'm sure this was the best childrens concert ever!!

It looks like Sawyer had a great time with his cousins. Thanks everyone for helping with him while we were in Phoenix. Sawyer did say the sweetest thing to me on the phone while we were gone. We called to check on him and he said, "mommy I need you! I love you so much!!" It made me melt. I love you Sawyer. Mom and Dad missed you so much.

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