Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Our first trip to Portland

We got home from Phoenix on Monday morning and Tuesday night we headed to Portland. You must think we are crazy! Honestly, no work was missed and what better way to spend a day off work than in a new state. One of our very good friends, Dave Hanncock called and asked us to come up and see his gym. Mark trained Dave to be a gymnastics coach and he has been very successful. Great job Dave! When we arrived, Jaime, Dave's wife and their two kids were already sleeping. Sawyer found a friend right when we walked in the door. I don't remember the dogs name but Sawyer loved this dog. Sawyer has had some bag experiences with dogs, so he usually doesn't get to close. He loved this dog! They had a sleep over on the couch for a while that I thought was adorable. Unlike my usual self, I didn't take any pictures on this trip. How dumb was that! It was our first time to Portland and no good photo. I'll definitely make up for it next time. We did have a great time with Dave and Jamie. We all get along so well and enjoy spending time together. Thanks for inviting us up and hopefully we will come again soon.

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