Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Pumpkin carving with Papa

Halloween is one of my dad's favorite holidays. Each year he has the best costume, he decorates the house, loves to scare the kids, and has a pumpkin carving party. It's a tradition thats been going on as long as I can remember. The kids love it!

Here is the clan. Not everyone is there but it's quite a crew.
Papa showing Davis and Sawyer how it's done.

McKinnley(Buddy) and Sawyer have always had an amazing bond. Buddy helped Sawyer carve his pumpkin. I loved being able to sit back and watch these two play. Davis was also helping but mostly watched.

Holli and Caroline. Holli always has a great costume but this year I didn't get a picture. Bummer!

Aunt Gerry helping with Mia while Katie carved pumpkins with Olivia.

Katie and Olivia carving away.

Holli is always surprising us with some crazing stunt. Thanks Holli for all the laughs. Love you! Jr. is such a cutie. The camera loves him.

Heidi and Jr. giving loves. She is such a great mom.

Here are some of the kiddos playing in the playhouse after carving their pumpkins. This is definitely one of their favorite places at Papa's house.

Brooke and Caroline

Such dorks! Bailey and Kennedy just being themselves.

What a great picture of Heather and Chase.

Caroline and Mia

Davis and Sawyer making their scarry face. Goofey boys!

Davis chill'in

Sawyer wouldn't take a normal picture. I guess he was really in the Halloween spirit.
Buddy and the boys.

The picture is dark but here they are. All the pumpkins with the owner standing behind making a scarry face. What a group! I love it!!!

A few of them up close. Great job everyone!

What a great pumpkin carving party. All the pumpkins turned out awesome. Best of all, everyone hung out together, talked and enjoyed good company. Thanks Dad and Jan for having everyone over. We love you!

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