Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Sawyer's gym birthday party

Sawyer was really wanting to have a birthday party at the gym with his friends. So we decided to make it an aircraft theme. Mark was so excited about the party he decided he was going to make the pinata. He put a lot of time and effort into it but unfortunately it didn't dry in time. Maybe another cousin will want to use it for their party. I ended up finding this space shuttle pinata the morning of the party. Imaging my stress! Everything turned out great! With help from my friends, we decorated the party area, cleaned the gym, and were ready for the big bash. I do mean BIG!!!! Sawyer had about 20 friends the ages of 3 and 4. there must have been an additional 30 people who came to celebrate. It was so much fun! Thanks to everyone for coming and making Sawyer's birthday party so special.

We loved our set up and so did the kids.

Some of the pictures are dark since they are in the gym. This one is of Caroline jumping on the tramps while Hillary and Jason cheer her on.

Devrie and Sawyer taking turns.

Our airport friends. Beth, Sabrina, Dylan and Cami. Thanks for celebrating with us!

Dylan's daughter Rylie hitting the pinata.

The kids were so excited for their turn at the pinata. This was one well put together pinata. It wouldn't break. We even had kids hitting it on the floor to break it. It was hilarious!

Sawyer loved his airplane cake. It was the perfect cake thanks to Costco.

Make a wish!!!

Grandma Taunnie gave Sawyer this Toy Story chair bed that he has been wanting. This was definitely a good purchase.J.J. is one of Sawyer's good friends. His mom just opened a Cuban Restaurant named Havana's. It is delicious!!! More Toy Story! I must say next year, I don't know if we will do presents. He has way to much stuff, but loves it all!

Thanks everyone!More presents. They just keep coming. Good thing all the kids were willing to help open them.

After the party, we headed out to lunch with Papa, Grandma Jan, Grandma Taunnie, Aunt Gerry, Hillary, Jason, and Davis. It was the perfect way to rap up the party. Look how happy these guys are. I"m so glad they get along so well.
This is one of my favorite picture's!

Thanks to everyone who made it to Sawyer's birthday party. It means so much to us. We hope you all enjoyed the party as much as we did.

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