Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Disney on Ice

I always get excited when children's shows come to town. It doesn't matter what it is, the circus, Disney on ice, or any other show, I love seeing all the happy kids. Smiles from ear to ear, uncontrollable excitement, and yelling out the names of the characters as they appear. I love it!! Just thinking about it makes me smile!

As you can see, Davis and Sawyer are all smiles as we walked to the Energy Solutions Arena. They were so excited! Hillary, Jason and Davis watching the show. As you can see Davis wouldn't take his eyes off the show. Both boys wouldn't take their eyes off the show. That's when you know it was a show!

Intermission. Don't we all end up buying the $10 bag of cotton candy or snow cone?! It's a must.As you can see the boys were in heaven! They seriously watched the entire show, never got antsy, and sat on the 2 row. It was great!Our family just before the show started. I'm not sure what kind of smile Sawyer has going but I know he was excited!Here comes the Crocodile from Peter Pan.
The ship with Captain Hook.

And of course Peter Pan, Wendy and the boys. They flew right over us. It was awesome!

Big hugs after a great show! It was way worth it!

I must say I would go back to the show in a minute. Watching Davis and Sawyer watch the show made it all worth while! Hillary and Jason thank you so much for coming with us. It wouldn't have been the same without you. We are so glad to have you guys in our lives. We love you so much!

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