Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Happy Birthday Olivia

Sawyer was invited to his cousin Olivia's birthday party at Hollywood Connection. We were excited because we hadn't been to visit for a while, plus we love parties. It was all cousins but one friend. Everyone loved it! Happy Birthday Livie!!!
Playing miniature golf for the first time.

Sawyer loves Merry-Go-Rounds, especially when he rides them with his friends. I love how he is looking up. What a curious boy!

Grace and Aunt Holli. Everybody loves Aunt Holli!

Olivia was really excited for the ice cream and presents. I love this picture of Gerry, Olivia and Mia.

Thanks to my good friend Jennifer, Sawyer was able to give Olivia her own ballet bag and shirt. Olivia loved it! Thanks Jennifer for making such a great gift.

Beep, Beep, Sawyer and Davis driving the bus.

Yummy! Ice Cream!!!

All the kids eating pizza!

Grace, Caroline and Brooke.

Silly boys, Sawyer and Jr.

Caroline takes a tumble while roller skating. It cracks me up because she has only skated with Rollerblades. Am I old or what!!!

What an awesome party! Happy Happy Birthday Olivia! Thank you so much for inviting Sawyer. You are such a sweet girl and we always love playing with you. Hopefully your new ballet bag will come in handy. Love you!


Haley said...

looks like fun!

Ryan and Katie said...

thanks for coming!!!!! love you!!!