Monday, February 28, 2011

Disneyland 2011

Yea for Disneyland! We decided last minute to take a day trip to Disneyland. It has been such a long cold winter, we decided it was time to spend some time in the sun. We knew Sawyer would love Disneyland but we wanted a buddy to go with him. We asked Hillary and Jason if we could take Davis with us. After explaining our plans and and insuring that we would take good care of him, they said we could take him. Yea!!! We were all so excited! When we arrived at the SLC airport to pick up Davis, the boys were SOOO excited. What can I say but these two boys are hilarious! They love playing together and get along so well. Thanks Hill and Jason for letting us take him.

Here are Jason, Davis, Sawyer and Hillary just before we headed through security. How sweet do these boys look. I'm sure Hillary and Jason were sad to let Davis leave but no tears were shed. Hill just had to walk away before we walked through security.

Getting ready for the big trip!

Big hugs! They were so excited to see each other.This was Davis' second time flying. He was so good! Both boys were great the entire time. As you can see they were happy to be on their way to Disneyland!Me with the boys. They just make me smile.Davis was really excited to take off. He kept asking me "are we flying yet?" As soon as we were in the air they had their hands up. They kept them up for a couple minutes. It was so funny! Their first ride I suppose.When we arrived at the hotel, the boys were ready for bed. They had tubbies and climbed right into bed. What sweet boys!

In the morning they woke up asking if it was time to go to Disneyland. We got them ready, headed to breakfast then headed for Disneyland. Aren't they adorable!Walking into Disneyland. Sawyer was looking back making sure I was still there. Always looking out for his mommy.Mark and the boys all ready for a fun filled day at Disneyland.Me with the boys. I think I was more excited to be at Disneyland than the boys.The boys were really excited when they saw their first Castle. I know I keep saying this but they are so hilarious! They look so precious!Both boys love Merry-go-rounds. Once they saw it they wanted to go on it first. So we headed right over and to our surprise there was no line. They were ready for the rides, that's for sure!Sawyer all ready to go!What a cute picture. I love Davis' grin. They loved it!Dumbo was a favorite for both boys. Davis chose the yellow one and Sawyer was right behind us in the blue one.I love this picture. They both look so happy. Here are the boys in line for Peter Pan. A favorite for all of us. I must say we had so many people ask us how old our boys are. Everyone thought they were twins which was fine with me. I loved it! They are two handsome, well behaved boys. Plus I want twins.We all love Mary Poppins! Sawyer loves the movie and sings the songs. Davis has never seen the movie. To our surprise, right when this picture was taken, Sawyer turned around and ran the other direction and Davis walked right over and shook their hands. So funny!On the jungle ride. The boys thought this one was awesome! They loved seeing all the animals in the jungle and the water. They were totally into it!Pirates of the Caribbean. I will say this wasn't their favorite. They both had a hold of our hands and were squeezing so tight. They survived but didn't want to go again.Lunch time. Davis was loving the chicken! They both worked up an appetite walking around the park.Enjoying their time eating.We headed to small world which we knew they would love. They were staring at the Castle in awe. They thought it was pretty cool.Taking it all in.Smiles all around. Watching them on this ride was priceless. They both were so intrigued with everything going on around them. They would look from side to side and tell us everything they were seeing. It was awesome! Outside the ride and capturing the moment.
Davis was so tired that he fell to sleep on Mark's shoulder. Davis typically will only sleep where it's nice and quiet. Not today. Mark was just as comforting as his bed. How adorable!

The rest didn't last long. As soon as I said "there is Mickey Mouse," Davis woke right up. It was like magic words. Completely asleep to wide awake. He really wanted to see Mickey! We waited in line so the boys could give Mickey a hug and get a picture but once it was their turn they wouldn't even get close. They only wanted to see him from a distance.

Oh well! Maybe next time.

Now Pluto was a different story. They both wanted to give him five and take a picture. Yea for Pluto!!! After seeing the characters they couldn't hold out any longer. We rented two strollers and the boys fell right to sleep. Davis sound asleep with his guys.
Sawyer sound asleep next to Davis. They are both so precious!
After naps, we played in Adventure Land for a while. They rode some rides in the Bugs area and were hoping to see Mickey Mouse Club House on stage but they weren't showing. Bummer! Oh well, the rides were great and so is this picture. They boys held hands most of the day. It was the easiest way to keep track of them. They were fine with it, I should say they loved it. People walking by us would comment on how cute they were. A couple people actually said "you have to get a picture" of them. They definitely caught everyone's attention.

Best buddies!

Back at the hotel, they were completely worn out. We put them in the tub and within minutes they were sound asleep. The day was so much fun! Both boys had a blast and were so easy. Sweet dreams of Disneyland!
What an AWESOME day at Disneyland! Hillary and Jason, thank you so much for letting us take Davis with us. It wouldn't have been the same without him. We loved every minute with these two together. They love each other so much and have so much fun together. We can't thank you enough and hope you will let us take him again soon. Next time we want to take Jr and Davis with us. Hopefully both their parents will let us take them. We love DISNEYLAND!!!

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