Thursday, February 3, 2011

First Gym meet 2011 Boise

It's competition season again. Not only are the gymnasts excited but Sawyer couldn't wait. We headed to Boise in hopes of getting off to a good start. I must say the girls did a great job!

Sawyer was all smiles as we arrived in Boise. I think he looks so adorable!We arrived at the hotel on Thursday afternoon. The first thing we needed to do was let Sawyer go swimming. He had a great time! But what kid doesn't love to swim!The first meet was Friday morning. This was the level 7 meet. Tessa was our only gymnasts for this session. She did a great job! She took 6th place in the all round which is awesome for her first optional meet. Great job Tessa!

Here is Tessa with her little brother Spencer and Sawyer.Saturday morning we started the competition with level 4. Jeannie is the head level 4 coach, she does a great job. These little girls were so much fun to watch and seemed to have a blast! We were all so proud of them!
The next session was level 5. These girls really shined! Lydia and Maysi both took 2nd place in the all round for their age division. Jill took 4th all round and the list goes on. Congratulations girls! You all did a great job!

Here we have Jill, Kaylee, Isabella, Sawyer, Lydia, Brianna, and Maysi. Marianna also competed but had to leave before the photo was taken.

Great job girls! We are so proud of you! You all started off the season on such a good note. Keep it up!!!

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