Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Sawyer's first trip to San Francisco

When working, there is always time for play. This time work (Skywest) had me attending a training class in San Francisco. What a perfect time to take Sawyer to a new city, not to mention one of our favorite cities. Here he is all smiles on the plane. He was excited to see this new city!!!

We checked into our hotel and immediately headed to the BART Station. We were so excited to take Sawyer down to Pier 39 so he could see the ocean, seal lions and ride the trolley. Sawyer and Daddy are ready to get on the BART. We got off the BART on Powell Street and headed to the trolley. Sawyer was so excited! It was a perfect day, sunny, about 70 degrees and not over crowded. If you look close, you can see the trolley behind Mark. What handsome boys!!!Here you can see the trolley workers turning it around. The best comment of the day was one from my twin Katie. I sent out a text message of this same picture. Her response was " did it break down or something?" How funny! It's just an original trolley, not broken.

Precious boy! He is so curious about everything. We love it!!!

I thought this gold pirate was pretty cool.

Once we were off the trolley, we just wanted to look at the views. We did the best we could at getting a family photo with some of the Golden Gate Bridge behind us. Pretty cute family shot I think!
Sawyer absolutely loved seeing the ocean. He was all up for going swimming. Imagine trying to convince a 3 year old he can't swim in the ocean. He was bummed but we made it up to him. Mommy and Sawyer!

As we walked to Pier 39, we stopped to get a picture of Alcatraz. I know Mark and Sawyer are just barley in the corner but it was the one picture we took as we walked.

Once we got to the pier, we stopped for dinner then headed to the end of the pier to look at the view and show Sawyer the sea lions. It was so beautiful! Mark is showing Sawyer where the sea lions are. We stood and watched them for about 20 minutes. Sawyer loved it! He loved watching them swim, make their noises and move from dock to dock. I also love how you can see San Francisco in the background. This was one of the most active sea lions. How sweet!

Here are a bunch of them just hanging out. I must say they were really loud.

Definitely not the best picture but here we are in front of the sea lions.
How sweet is this picture! Once again Sawyer is taking it all in and loving every minute.

I really like this picture of Sawyer and I. He was giving me the biggest love! It just warms my heart every time I look at this picture. I love you so much Sawyer!!!

Another picture in front of the sea lions. Daddy and Sawyer take the best pictures together.
The sun started to set and it made the most beautiful reflection on the Golden Gate Bridge. It looks like it has lights. What a beautiful picture! It was AMAZING!

My favorite picture of the entire trip is right here. You can just see the intense love and happiness in both Mark and Sawyer's face. Sawyer's grin makes me melt. This is by far my favorite!!!

What a fantastic trip we had. We only spent one day here and can't wait to go back. Sawyer loved everything about it! He definitely has a unique lifestyle and does many things that most kids never get to do. Sawyer, Mommy and Daddy love you so much. Thank you so much for being such an amazing boy!


Haley said...

looks like fun!!! wish we could go there!!! give sawyer a kiss for us!

Sarah said...

That looks like a great trip! He is one lucky boy. I agree, that picture of Mark and Sawyer is priceless. We need to catch up!!