Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Kenzie and Hendrick

McKenzie had a friend in town from Germany for a few days. The two of them decided to drive up to Pocatello and play at the gym for a couple hours. We were so excited for them to come up. Hendrick is such a nice boy and we always love Kenzie. She is such a sweetheart!

Don't you think she looks adorable with her helmet. Hendrick liked it! Here she is getting on the skies. The last time she was here, she dropped the ramp with the board. This time she tried the skis.I think she looks adorable. What a beautiful girl! Hendrick played around on the boards while Kenzie used the skis.
Here she is learning the basics on the skis from our expert Keith. Of course she picked it up easily. She is already an outstanding skier.

I can't believe my oldest niece is already in collage. Crazy! How cute are these two!

Kenzie, thank you so much for coming up to visit. You mean so much to me and I love you so much. Please know you are always welcome to come up. We are so excited for your first drops off the ramp. Your AWESOME!

Easter 2011

We headed down to California for a wedding announcement party for Lori's son Zach. Lori is Mark's sister. Our visit was short and sweet. We were able to visit with family we don't see very often. It was a great time. The party was Saturday. Sunday was Easter. Sawyer was wondering if the Easter bunny knew he was in California. When we woke up, grandma called to let Sawyer know the bunny had left a basket for him at her house. We decide to fly to her house so he could see what the bunny left.

Mark and Sawyer on the plane. It didn't take long for Sawyer to find his basket. With Jr helping him look, it only took a minute. These two boys knew exactly where to look!

He is very determined to get the basket out so he could see what was in it.

He was really excited about this carrot toy. The top flies off and spins around the room. He calls it a helicopter.

He got the book 'Where The Wild Things Are!' We love books!Don't you love his Hawaiian shirt. I think he looks adorable. Sawyer and I with his new favorite bunny. He named him Jack.
Grandma and Sawyer. We love you grandma!

Playing outside with Jr. This is always one of his favorite parts of coming to SLC, playing with Jr and all the other cousins.
Happy Easter to everyone. We hope you all did something spiritual and enjoyed spending the day with your families.

Hollywood Connection

Sawyer and I were in SLC for a couple of days and while we were there, the cousins went to Hollywood Connection. Heidi had promised Grace she would take her over spring break so we all decided to go. We all love rides and watching the kids get so excited about everything they are doing. What a great way to spend the day.

Sawyer and Davis giving loves.

Sawyer getting ready to hit the ball at mini golf. He had a great swing this day and was hitting the ball across the course. Luckily he didn't hit anyone with the ball.

The kids climbing on the lava. This is one of their favorite holes to play.

How sweet is Jr!

Everyone was ready for this picture. I love the poses from the girls.

All eyes on the game. Our future golfers.

Katie, Olivia, Sawyer, Davis and myself on the roller coaster. I love it!

On the carousel. A favorite for all the kids.

Riding on the magic school bus. WEEEEEEE!

We spent about 6 hours playing, riding rides, rollerskating and eating pizza. What a blast we had! Thanks Grace for the great idea.

Miranda's kids came to visit

We were so excited when Miranda called and asked if we would watch the kids for a couple days. She had her tonsils out and needed some rest after the surgery. Of course we wanted to have our grandchildren! Sawyer was so excited to have the kids up to play. We all had a great time! Here we are at lunch. Kainoah, Sawyer, Keaghan and Landen.We went to Outer limits to play some games in the arcade. I walked the kids through the 'glow in the dark' mini golf. I guess I should have known that they would want to play once they saw how awesome it is. They ran down to the gym and asked Mark if we could have pizza for dinner and play mini golf. It was their lucky day, he said yes!I will say this glow in the dark golf is pretty awesome. The animals are HUGE! There's a gorilla, dinosaurs, sharks, mermaids, alligators and much more. This one is hard to see the kids but Keaghan and Landen are under the dinosaur and Kainoah and Sawyer have their arms around each other.All of them under the Dino. Pretty amazing art work!After dinner we headed home for showers and a sleep over. Here they are all lined up watching a movie. If I remember correct they chose The Grinch. It's one of our favorites. How precious are these kids.Well I have been the lucky grandma that has taken all of these kids on their first flights. We were all so excited especially Kainoah. I was a little nervous, you just never know what to expect. Landen just had tubes put in his ears, so I thought flying would bother him. I was wrong, he was perfect. Kainoah loved every minute. She and Sawyer laughed for most of the flight. It was really bumpy! As you can see, they are all smiles.Sawyer and Kainoah being silly!
Keaghan looked out the window for most of the flight. He really is such a sweet boy. Thank Keaghan for all your help with the little ones.

Landen sat on my lap for take off and landing. Look at those blue eyes! Adorable!

3...2...1... blastoff. That is what Kainoah and Sawyer said, then they held their hands up like on a roller coaster.

What a great time we all had. We had the kids for four days and it was wonderful. The kids were great! Sawyer loved having people at his house that he could play with all day. Mark and I love having company. Anyone is welcome to come stay with us anytime. Thank you Miranda for letting us take your kids. Hopefully you feel better soon! Love you all!

Thursday, April 7, 2011


Since we had to leave Paris early, we decide to head to Portland to visit with some friends. Dave, Jamie, Asyia and Caden. Caden and Sawyer have so much fun together. He likes playing with Sawyer because it's like having a little brother. Sawyer followed him around all day. They made crepe's for breakfast together, played with toys and just really enjoyed each other. Thanks Caden for being so good to Sawyer.We went and watched the NCAA Regional Gymnastics Championships while we were there. Dave is also a gymnastics coach so we all had a great time. It was also really fun because Mark's other friend John is a coach for Oregon State Gymnastics. OSU actually won the meet. Great job!!!Sawyer was running out of energy by the end of the meet. Maybe all the travel was catching up with him. Sweet boy!This is Jamie and Sawyer. What an amazing mom and friend. Sawyer has so much fun with her. She is hilarious! Sawyer was laughing at her most of the day. She is one woman I am glad to know. Thank you Jamie for making our family feel so welcome.
What a fun weekend with friends! Dave and Jamie thank you so much for being such great friends. We always have such a great time when we visit. Hopefully another visit is coming soon!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Paris 2011

Well we did it again! We decided to take a last minute trip and this time we chose Paris. Spring time in Paris, what could be better?! The flights were open, so after the state gymnastics meet we jumped on a flight for a quick trip. If you ever wonder how Sawyer handles flying, he is amazing! He loves every minute. With all the flights he has taken he has never been a problem (knock on wood). This is what our row looked like for most of the flight. As you can see, he sets up all the animals, cars, trains, planes and any toy he has managed to fit in his bag and lays them out across the tables. It's really funny! What a trooper! Once we landed in Paris, we found ourselves a hotel and headed out to the shuttle. Sawyer slept really well on the flight and was wide awake ready to take in a country.
Once at the hotel, we showered and got ready for the day. I guess the jet lag caught up with him. As I was getting our "to go bag" ready, Sawyer was waiting patiently by the door. This is how he ended up. One tired boy!It wasn't long before he was wide awake enjoying the subway. He loves all transportation I suppose. He looks out the window and takes it all in. Here daddy and Sawyer are enjoying the ride.Our first stop was Notra Dome. What a beautiful Cathedral! It's always amazing to see such magnificent architecture. Even Sawyer loved it!I know this is a horrible picture but I'm not a photographer. This was the entrance into the Cathedral. It is stunning!All the stain glass windows are spectacular! Here you can see the Rose Window.It rained almost the entire time we were there. We didn't mind it at all. It actually added to the experience. We stopped into a cafe for a bite to eat.We spent most of the first day just walking around the city taking it all in. There is so much to see and do it's almost overwhelming. Here's a new family photo. Pretty cute I think!At the Louve. Another amazing place to see although we didn't go in until day two. This is a good picture of Mark and most of the the museum. Sawyer playing in the puddles in front of the Louve.I love how he just walks around with no worries. He really does love seeing new places and venturing out. He is one amazing boy! He really wanted to play in the fountain like all kids do.Another beautiful picture of Mark and the Louve.Here is the Arch just on the other side of the Louve. The gardens are just on the other side.Mommy and Sawyer walking under the Arch.The gardens are really dark but you can see the Eiffel Tower in the background.I love this picture. I think it is breathtaking. I find it fascinating how different countries are from one another. We have such a small perspective on what's out there. We are lucky to travel as much as we do. Sawyer all smiles! Isn't he adorable!Not the best shot but the Eiffel Town at night time was spectacular! The Eiffel TowerSawyer is taking the lead as he takes us under the Tower. He really loved it, we all did!Just across the street from the Eiffel Tower was a carousel. Sawyer was so excited! We seem to find a carousel on most of our trips. It's almost become a must. Sawyer loves them, and we love watching him."Hi mommy and daddy!"This makes me laugh! Sawyer's eyes are as wide as they can go. Funny boy!The next day we headed back to the Louve to go inside. Both Mark and I love museums and couldn't wait to go inside. Here Sawyer and I take a photo where most people have there hand up pretending to hold the diamond. I didn't know that until after the picture.Mark and Sawyer in front of the Mona Lisa. This is a beautiful piece of art. The Mona Lisa.
Not everything can be serious at the museum, right?!

This sculpture, I believe, is the original "girls next door!" Where is the pool?
Here is the "first coped a feel."The original "moon!"Mark and the "skull." How scary is that. The best part is that I took about five pictures of this and people kept appearing in the background.

Me and Sawyer taking our last picture in what is one of the most amazing museums.After the Louve, we headed back to the Eiffel Tower. We really wanted to go to the top. Sawyer thought the elevator to the top was awesome! He just stood up next to the window and watched as we got higher and higher. Apparently he isn't afraid of heights!Sawyer on the top of the Eiffel Tower. It was cold but amazing.A view from above. I never realized how big this city was. Beautiful!This is one of my favorite pictures from this trip. Both Mark and Sawyer have such big grins. You can almost feel how much fun they are having. I love these two guys!And back to the carousel we go. We couldn't walk by without letting Sawyer ride it again. He was so excited to ride the train while on the carousel. Look at that smile! On the train headed back to the hotel. What an amazing day we had.

We had such an amazing day. We were sad when we figured out the flights had filled up for the weekend and we had to leave the next morning. We were only there two days but two of the best days. We had so much fun spending time together as a family, seeing new sights and continuing our random travels around the world. I can only hope Sawyer will remember some of the exciting places he traveled as a little boy.