Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Easter 2011

We headed down to California for a wedding announcement party for Lori's son Zach. Lori is Mark's sister. Our visit was short and sweet. We were able to visit with family we don't see very often. It was a great time. The party was Saturday. Sunday was Easter. Sawyer was wondering if the Easter bunny knew he was in California. When we woke up, grandma called to let Sawyer know the bunny had left a basket for him at her house. We decide to fly to her house so he could see what the bunny left.

Mark and Sawyer on the plane. It didn't take long for Sawyer to find his basket. With Jr helping him look, it only took a minute. These two boys knew exactly where to look!

He is very determined to get the basket out so he could see what was in it.

He was really excited about this carrot toy. The top flies off and spins around the room. He calls it a helicopter.

He got the book 'Where The Wild Things Are!' We love books!Don't you love his Hawaiian shirt. I think he looks adorable. Sawyer and I with his new favorite bunny. He named him Jack.
Grandma and Sawyer. We love you grandma!

Playing outside with Jr. This is always one of his favorite parts of coming to SLC, playing with Jr and all the other cousins.
Happy Easter to everyone. We hope you all did something spiritual and enjoyed spending the day with your families.

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