Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Miranda's kids came to visit

We were so excited when Miranda called and asked if we would watch the kids for a couple days. She had her tonsils out and needed some rest after the surgery. Of course we wanted to have our grandchildren! Sawyer was so excited to have the kids up to play. We all had a great time! Here we are at lunch. Kainoah, Sawyer, Keaghan and Landen.We went to Outer limits to play some games in the arcade. I walked the kids through the 'glow in the dark' mini golf. I guess I should have known that they would want to play once they saw how awesome it is. They ran down to the gym and asked Mark if we could have pizza for dinner and play mini golf. It was their lucky day, he said yes!I will say this glow in the dark golf is pretty awesome. The animals are HUGE! There's a gorilla, dinosaurs, sharks, mermaids, alligators and much more. This one is hard to see the kids but Keaghan and Landen are under the dinosaur and Kainoah and Sawyer have their arms around each other.All of them under the Dino. Pretty amazing art work!After dinner we headed home for showers and a sleep over. Here they are all lined up watching a movie. If I remember correct they chose The Grinch. It's one of our favorites. How precious are these kids.Well I have been the lucky grandma that has taken all of these kids on their first flights. We were all so excited especially Kainoah. I was a little nervous, you just never know what to expect. Landen just had tubes put in his ears, so I thought flying would bother him. I was wrong, he was perfect. Kainoah loved every minute. She and Sawyer laughed for most of the flight. It was really bumpy! As you can see, they are all smiles.Sawyer and Kainoah being silly!
Keaghan looked out the window for most of the flight. He really is such a sweet boy. Thank Keaghan for all your help with the little ones.

Landen sat on my lap for take off and landing. Look at those blue eyes! Adorable!

3...2...1... blastoff. That is what Kainoah and Sawyer said, then they held their hands up like on a roller coaster.

What a great time we all had. We had the kids for four days and it was wonderful. The kids were great! Sawyer loved having people at his house that he could play with all day. Mark and I love having company. Anyone is welcome to come stay with us anytime. Thank you Miranda for letting us take your kids. Hopefully you feel better soon! Love you all!

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