Thursday, April 7, 2011


Since we had to leave Paris early, we decide to head to Portland to visit with some friends. Dave, Jamie, Asyia and Caden. Caden and Sawyer have so much fun together. He likes playing with Sawyer because it's like having a little brother. Sawyer followed him around all day. They made crepe's for breakfast together, played with toys and just really enjoyed each other. Thanks Caden for being so good to Sawyer.We went and watched the NCAA Regional Gymnastics Championships while we were there. Dave is also a gymnastics coach so we all had a great time. It was also really fun because Mark's other friend John is a coach for Oregon State Gymnastics. OSU actually won the meet. Great job!!!Sawyer was running out of energy by the end of the meet. Maybe all the travel was catching up with him. Sweet boy!This is Jamie and Sawyer. What an amazing mom and friend. Sawyer has so much fun with her. She is hilarious! Sawyer was laughing at her most of the day. She is one woman I am glad to know. Thank you Jamie for making our family feel so welcome.
What a fun weekend with friends! Dave and Jamie thank you so much for being such great friends. We always have such a great time when we visit. Hopefully another visit is coming soon!

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