Monday, June 20, 2011

Back to Italy

Well, we headed back to our favorite place, Italy! I would move there in a second. We started our journey with a red eye flight to JFK, arrived around 6:00am, dropped off our bags and jumped on the subway to spend the day in Central Park. We did this same thing last year and it works out perfect. Sawyer spends the day playing at the park then sleeps the majority of the flight to Venice. We love it!!!

Here is Sawyer with all of his toys on the flight to JFK. He is such a good flier. Good thing because we like to vacation. Especially far away!

Tired boy in the JFK terminal. We were waiting for the bag storage to open so we didn't have to take bags into town.

Waiting for the subway. Sawyer was really excited to get on the subway. He was watching closely!

This is one fast subway! I just love how excited Sawyer gets when it arrives. At the park. This is our favorite park to visit. Everything about it is amazing. It is beautiful, huge, clean, and best of all is the playground and carousel. Sawyer was super excited when he found out they sold spiderman pops. Isn't he adorable?Swinging time! He loves to swing high! It was a perfect day for the park.

We waited in line to take a picture in Strawberry fields. I'm glad we waited. We love this picture.

We arrived in Venice and decide to ride the water taxi into town. We didn't do this the last time we were here. It was really fun! Next time we want to get the private boat that goes fast and is more open. This ride was great even though it was enclosed.

How adorable is this little boy? This has to be one of my favorite pictures of him.Riding the water taxi through the main canal of Venice. Isn't it breath taking. It is absolutely breath taking in person.Daddy and Sawyer standing on the bridge. Starting our trip in Venice is always great. It is so beautiful! It definitely gets your Italian vibe going.Sawyer and I enjoying the sunny weather. It was beautiful!We didn't stay long in Venice. We decided to get on the train and head to our favorite place, Florence. It's about a two hour train ride and we all love every minute. Sawyer watching a movie on the train.We have become friends with the manger of the "Hotel Paris". We stayed here last year and loved it. It was just as awesome this time. The ceilings are vaulted, the decor is exactly what I imagine when I think of an Italian hotel. Sawyer in front of the window. This is a square right by the hotel. It's a really fun place to go hang out and watch the locals. It's really funny because it seems like 'make out point.' Funny right!

Mommy and Sawyer in the square. Great times!!!Sawyer getting ready to eat pizza and drinking his favorite Italian juice with his green glasses he had to buy in NYC.Walking through the streets of Florence. We are so lucky to have such a great traveler. Sawyer is the best!I love this picture. You can just feel how content both Mark and Sawyer are. With the Arno river to look at, who wouldn't be content. I love you two!This was taken in the Plaza square. We went into the Ufizzie Museum which is just around the corner.Silly boy! He loves to play in the narrow streets. Aren't they amazing!Of course we had to find the carousel we found last year. It was easy to find and Sawyer loved it just as much. He didn't want to ride a horse this time, just sat in the chair . He is so funny!After a couple days in Florence, we headed to Rome. How great is this picture. First things first, Sawyer looks adorable! Second, look at all the places you can go by train from Florence. This is our kind of travel. Sawyer poses for the camera. One of these times we want to throw something sticky at the board. Where ever it sticks will be the place we go. Doesn't that sound fun!!! We made it to Rome!!!! This trip was much more low key than our first trip. We only had a few museums we wanted to see. Other than that we just talked to a lot of locals and found beautiful sights that we didn't have on the agenda. It was amazing! Sawyer got a little tired but that wasn't going to stop us from getting this picture. St. Peter's Basilica behind us.Sawyer taking it all in!Sawyer pokking his head out to see what's down the street. Across the street you can see the Vatican Museum.The Vatican Museum and St. Peter's Basilica. Gorgeous!We found the most amazing park! It was really similar to Central Park but bigger. We found a little cafe and decided to sit down for a drink. How beautiful is this picture. Mark and Sawyer look fantastic and the background is beautiful!Sawyer loved looking out from the bridges. Isn't that a sweet picture!Mommy and Sawyer in the Park. I love you buddy!!!This picture was taken from the park. The Colosseum is at the very left behind the tree. But I love that you can see the city. Mark, sorry I cut you in half. I still love you!Precious boy!This was taken at Popolo Square

We spent about an hour just playing in this square. It was amazing! The green in the background is the park. Mark and Sawyer.Looking down at the square. He really does just take everything in. Great picture of daddy and Sawyer.We found another carousal in the park. Sawyer loved that this one he could drive a truck! BEEP! BEEP!!We had one major museum to go. The Vatican Museum. If you haven't been, it needs to be on your bucket list. What a breath taking experience. Every room was prestine, and a detailed as you can imagine. I would go back in a heartbeat.

We loved the park so much! Sawyer is sitting on a ledge, behind you can see the Vatican. What a great picture of Sawyer.

This is at the Vatican Museum in the courtyard. Sawyer loved everything about it. He is just an amazing boy. Very smart and so much fun!

This is a stain glass chair in the Vatican. I thought is was beautiful. It was one of those art pieces that catches your eye and you can't seem to get enough. It was truly amazing.

What a spectacular place! From the moment you walk in your eye is captured. The art is everywhere. The ceiling, the walls, the floors, out the window, through the halls, everywhere. It is AMAZING!!!!

My pictures really don't do it justice. This was a ceiling in one room. They are all this detailed.

There are five rooms that Raphael did. They all tell a story. The pictures are a little blury but man these rooms are awesome!

Can you imagine having this on your ceiling! Whow!!!

Another painting part of the ceiling that I loved.

This is another room that Rapheal did. It is The School of Athens.

This is what you see on the floor. My pictures aren't great but you get the idea. Beauty everwhere.

The gold statue is Hercules. It was huge! This entire room was full of Greek Gods.

Another beautiful picture on the ceiling.

These statues lined one of the hallways. It is amazing how much art is in one museum.

This statue was beautiful. It really catches your eye when you look at the faces on the children.

Sawyer was fasinated with the art. He sat on the floor and traced this lady. He was so funny. He looked at it like hidden pictures. He would find things all over the place. Dogs, swords, snakes, angels, horses, you name it, he found it. He loved it!

The beauty in a room is captured the second you walk in. Long narrow rooms that never allow you to lose interest. Sawyer playing on the floor. Silly boy!

This reminded me of the golden plates. It was so beautiful. I stared at it for about five minutes. It was one of those moments I just couldn't get enough of.

Look at that ceiling, all the way down the hall. This is how the entire musuem is. BEAUTIFUL!!!

One thing after another that is so spactacular! I can't express enough how amazing this place is. You must see it yourself.

I wish you could take pictures in the Sistine Chapel but it isn't allowed. That is a moment I will never forget. The beauty in the room, the feeling it has is undescribable. Definilty somewhere you could sit and contimplate for hours.

This is another story on the ceiling. It was awesome!

The next chapter I suppose.

I'm sorry for showing so many of these pictures but we spent five hours here. It was an unforgetable day.

This was in one of the Rapheal rooms. Sawyer was so great! He found something to do in every room.


After the Museum we headed ovet to St. Peter's Bacilica to see the Pieta. Sawyer loves to get "chin back rides."

How cute is this little guy. He was really exited to play in the water fountain.

This makes your eyes well when you see it. It has to be one of the most beautiful pieces of art ever made. The detail and life is undescribable.

Another shot. I know my pictures aren't great but it's the best I could do.

When we headed out of the Bacilica, I noticed a camera crew across the way. We decided to head over and see what it was all about. It was the Today Show! Exciting right! We were standing right in front, next to the fence. We were really excited to see Matt Lawer and Al Rocker.

Sawyer was all smiles when he meet the Arch Bishop of New York. How cute is this picture. What an amazing experience.The Arch Bishop of New York was really nice. He held Sawyer and took pictures with us. He was genuine and personable. It was truely and honor meeting him.

I must say the more we go to Italy the more I fall in love with it. The first time we were there we did all the tourist things, and were on the go from early moring until night. This trip was way different. We did go to some museums, and saw some sights but for the most part we just hung out. We met a ton of locals everywhere we went. We became great friends with the Hotel Manager in Florence. The entire trip was great. We found an amazing park, great food and met the Arch Bishop of New York. Two thing that were funny, while in Florence we were walking down the steet and we saw "the Situation" from Jersey shore. Girls were screaming! It was hilarious. Then when we were watcing them film the Today show one of the photographers started taking pictures of Sawyer. He looked at us and said " what a beautiful boy!" It was funny. We had such a great family vacation. I can't wait to go again next year. We have decided to make this a yearly trip. Anyone is welcome to join us!!!

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