Monday, June 20, 2011

Big brother Josh

I know I say it all the time, but we love it when family comes up to visit. Sawyer especially loves it when his big brother Josh comes up. When Josh is here, Sawyer wants to do everything Josh does. I love it! I love watching their interaction. All of Sawyer's brothers and sisters are so good to him. Thank you all for being the best family to Sawyer.
Mark, Sawyer and Josh at the gym. What a great picture of the boys together.

Sawyer loves to play with Josh. He also loves it when Josh snuggles him when he's tired.

Josh has a dog named Aries. What a beautiful dog! Sawyer loves playing with Aries. They play ball, Sawyer gives him hot dogs for snacks, and best of all, Aries is gentle with Sawyer.

I love the smiles on both Mark and Sawyer's face. Aries is giving Sawyer a kiss, Sawyer thinks it tickles and thinks it's really funny. I love this picture!

Well what can I say but family is the best! Josh, thank you so much for coming up for the weekend. Sawyer loves you so much! Thank you for being so good to him.

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