Monday, June 20, 2011

Friends at the gym

My friend Sabrina has a daughter just older than Sawyer. Her name is Kylee. Sabrina decided to have Kylee's birthday party at the gym. I love it when friends use the gym for family parties. It's always nice when your friends enjoy playing at the gym and the kids love it! Mark and I spent the afternoon playing with the kids and enjoying the company of Sabrina and Dylan.
Kylee is in the purple shirt looking straight up at the camera. Happy Birthday Kylee!

She had a Tangled birthday cake. It was adorable! Perfect sense. The gift Sawyer picked for her was a Tangled doll.

Dylan and Sabrina.

Sabrina, thank you for having Ky's birthday party at the gym. We loved hanging out with you and your family. Hopefully you all had a great time.

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