Thursday, September 29, 2011

24th of July weekend

We did the same thing this 24Th of July that we have done for the last 4 years. We always go with Jennifer, Chris and the girls to the parade. Sawyer loves playing with the girls and they are all such sweethearts. We always have such a great time time together.
Sawyer loves his mommy and was giving me kisses all morning. It warms my heart!

Watching the parade with such focus. Sawyer has loved parades ever since he was born. I think its awesome! The Christmas parade here is awesome! All the floats are covered in lights. I can't wait for Sawyer to watch that one, since he liked this one so much.
Here is Eva, I think she is Sawyer's secret girlfriend!
Emma, Sawyer and Ella all smiles like usual. They always have such a great time together. It's so nice to have such great friends.

So we started out celebrating in Pocatello on Saturday morning. Then Sawyer and I flew to SLC for the parade on Monday morning. We spent the evening at Hillary and Jason's watching fireworks with the neighbor friends. It was a blast! Look at the adorable faces looking at the fireworks. They make me smile!
Nothing is the same without a Popsicle! Gracie, Ella, Sawyer and Davis.
Monday morning we woke up and headed to the Days of 47 parade. This is something we have done since I was a little girl. We always sit in the same spot, die of heat, and love every minute. We are lucky to have Norma (a family friend) who's house is right on the parade route. Every year she saves our spot.
This parade is usually about 2 hours and the kids love it!
Most of the kids' favorite part of the the parade was the motorcycle police. They are super loud and have every light on.
Grace loves to play with Hudson. Aren't they both adorable!
This was all the kids' favorite float. The choo choo train! It says "I think I can." It was really well done. I loved it!
Here is Aunt Gerry and Hudson in the shade.
Aunt Gerry and Norma. These too are the ones who make it possible for us to go to the parade each year.
Last of all, a great picture of Sawyer watching the parade go by. I can never get enough of this little guy. I love him so much!
We definitely kept the celebration going all weekend long. I love it when holidays last more than one day and we are able to be a part of many different activities. I love our family tradition we started in Pocatello. I hope the Schrade's will keep the tradition alive with us. As for the parade in SLC, it's one of my memories from my childhood that I love. Or maybe it's Chuck-A-Rama that I love since we always have lunch there after the parade. I will say watching Sawyer and the other kids makes it all ten times more exciting. I'm definitely ready for another little onel!

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