Friday, September 23, 2011

4th of July 2011

Our first 4Th of July in our new house. Sawyer was super excited when he saw the flag in our yard.
Every year we sit in the same place on the parade route. Sawyer isn't looking to happy here but he was waiting for his friends to show up. You can see that he has his candy bag ready!!!
Mommy and Sawyer waiting for the parade. I love you buddy!

Daddy and Sawyer making a paper airplane.
The girls arrived just in time for the parade. It was a little chilly out as you can see by the look on their faces.
The the beautiful girls that Sawyer always loves to play with. Ella, Eva and Emma.
All the kids waving as the parade goes by. They sure do look COLD!!!
I had to work at the airport from 5:00pm to midnight so we decided to watch the fire works from out here. Sawyer always loves coming to the airport when he gets to go in the back room. He loves to play on the e-cart and the Kabota. Vrumm Vrumm!!!
Headed out to see the fireworks off the in the distance. Sawyer thought it was awesome especially since he could pretend to drive!
Thanks to Kiana and her great idea of going down past the AV Center we were able to see fireworks from all around town. Doesn't everyone look so happy! Kiana is such a sweet heart! I love it when we get to work together.
After work, as we headed home to go to bed, some of our new neighbors called and invited us over for the neighborhood firework show. We were really surprised that the festivities were still going. We stopped by and enjoyed watching fireworks with all our new friends and neighbors.
This is one of our team girls, Tessa and a couple of her friends watching the show!
Thank you neighbors for having us over. We had a blast!!!
We had so much fun this 4Th of July. We always love spending time with our friends watching the parade. Sawyer loves the Schrade girls. We definitely made the best of working and celebrating at the same time. I love it when Mark and Sawyer come out and visit while I'm working. Kiana is so much fun to work with and be around. She always has us laughing! Thanks Kiana for being such a great friend. I hope you know how much your friendship means to me. We finished the night with new friends and getting to know the neighbors. It was a great day all around. Thanks everyone for celebrating our independence with us!

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