Thursday, September 29, 2011

Off to Maui

We have been promising Ariel that we would take her to Hawaii for her birthday one year. Well this year her birthday wish came true. I have never seen someone so excited to go to Hawaii. The minute she stepped off the plane she was in heaven!
Here Mark and Ariel take a seat while we wait for the hotel shuttle.
Let the fun begin!!!
Just one of the beautiful sights you will see as you walk the beaches of Maui!
One thing I love about Hawaii is the time change. I know that sounds weird but you wake up so early there. It's warm outside, everyone seems to be exercising on the beach. It's perfect! Sawyer also woke up bright and early ready to play in the sand.
This was our first morning walk on the beach. We took a long walk every morning enjoying every minute of it.
Sawyer and I in the sand outside our hotel. Look in the background and how beautiful the mountain looks with the fog.
Sawyer found the checker board as soon as we got back from our walk. He would pick up all the pieces, stack them one on top of the other on the matching color. He is so funny!

We had a fabulous breakfast with tons of fresh fruit. There is nothing better than fruit from Hawaii! Then we headed over to the pool area. I had to buy Mark and Sawyer both hats but Sawyer didn't want his hat, he wanted daddy's hat. We had to take pictures in opposite hats before Sawyer would wear his own hat. Silly boy!
What a smile he has today! Adorable!
We headed out to the beach for a fun filled day in the sand. Sawyer was all smiles as we headed out.
Jake and Sawyer get along really well. They have had a wonderful connection since Sawyer was born. Jake let Sawyer bury him in the sand. Sawyer thought it was so fun!
What a great big brother Jake is. Sawyer had so much fun playing with him all day. Thanks Jake for being so good to Sawyer. He loves you so much!
Still playing in the sand. He actually kept his hat on. I couldn't believe it!
We both had such a great time playing in the water, watching Sawyer play in the sand, and of course the warm weather. It was perfect!
Mark and Ariel getting ready to go in the waves.
Josh and Ariel doing standing back flips on the beach.
How beautiful is this picture? The sunsets in Maui are like nothing I have ever seen before. They are breath taking.

An evening stroll on the beach.
How handsome!
Gerimo, Mark, Sawyer, Ariel and Jake.

Up again bright and early for our walk. This was one of my favorite parts of our trip. Waking up to a nice long, warm walk. Sawyer found all sorts of ways to wear his new sunglasses. If they weren't on his face they were around his waist. It was hilarious!

Off for a stroll.

I love how happy both Mark and Sawyer look in this picture. Their smiles make me smile!
Nothing better than a "chin-back ride".
Sawyer would gather flowers for me everyday. He would tell us how beautiful they were. He really is such a sweet heart. He is the most precious boy!

I loved all my beautiful bouquets.
This is one of my favorites. The way the sun is hitting his face is perfect, and the flower in his hand is beautiful. I just can't get enough of this little guy!
Daddy lifting him up to reach the perfect flower. Keep reaching . . . you almost have it!!!!
He is so happy about his flowers. The best part is this hand full is all brown.

While on our walk, we found a bunch of hammocks hanging from the trees. So relaxing.

I could have swung with Sawyer all day. It was so peaceful.
Ariel and Sawyer relaxing together. She is such a sweet big sister. Sawyer is a lucky boy!
Walking to dinner.
Mark, Ariel, Jake and Sawyer just before dinner. What a good looking family!

Sawyer wouldn't leave Jake's side. He wanted to do everything Jake did.

After dinner we headed over to the Hula show at the hotel. Caroline, Stephanie and Gerimo

Arz and Sawyer. Yes she had all the boys after her. She is one beautiful girl!
On our next morning walk, Sawyer found a stick. He would pretend to fish with it. He also had some friends he made up that were with him. They each had their own sticks. It was a great day for Sawyer and his imaginary friends to fish.
Sawyer was so excited about the stick. He kept it for the majority of the trip.
In this shot he was having a full conversation with his imaginary friends. Making sure they were being safe around the rocks.
We headed down to these rocks because every morning there are turtles swimming in the water. We must have just missed them because we didn't see any. Oh well!
Right when we got back to the hotel from our walk, Jake called and asked us to go to the shops with him. He bought Sawyer the most adorable sweatshirt from Quicksilver. Thank you!
Mark and Jake stood in front of the whale bones and explaind them to Sawyer. It was such a wonderful morning watching Mark and two of his sons bond together.

Sawyer leading the way to dinner.
Once again he had to be right next to Jake. I'm so glad that these to have such a stong bond. I know Sawyer is going to look up to him in so many ways. (he already does)
Jake's fiance Caroline with her friends Stephanie and Kim.
Sawyer took this picture of Mark and I. We were so suprised when it actully turned out pretty good. Thanks Sawyer!
The rainbow in this picture immediatly had me singing 'Somewhere Over the Rainbow,' not the Judy Garland version, the Hawaiian version.
We had such a fabulious trip. It was so much fun having Mark's kids there and watching them all interact and play for the week. The reason we went to Maui was for Jake's wedding. That will be the next post. We wanted to have a post just of the wedding and let Jake and Caroline know how special they are to us. It was an amazing wedding. You will all love the pictures.
As for our family trip, I can't wait to go back to Hawaii. We are so glad Ariel was able to come with us and hopefully she enjoyed her vacation.


Anonymous said...

Yay for catching up! Wow, so much fun! If that's you guys not doing much this summer then we are seriously boring! We love you all and I am glad we have been able to see you a bit while I've been off...hope you get to come down again in the next couple of weeks so we can bring Jaedyn and hang out! <3

Sarah said...

Gorgeous! Looks like a great trip! You guys are lucky! I would love to hit up Hawaii someday :) Miss you tons and tons!