Friday, September 23, 2011

Out on the lake

One thing Mark and I have always loved to do is boat. I love being out on the water, it's so relaxing and beautiful. It's the perfect friends and family activity. Since we don't currently have a boat, we were super excited when our friends invited us out for the day. Sawyer's first time on a boat was 2 years ago on Josh's boat. He loved it the first time and seemed even more excited the second time. Probably because he actually got to ride in the "death biscuit." I have way to many horrible memories about the "death biscuit," I have no desire to ride it again. Tristan and Scotti were more than happy to take Sawyer out for his first time.
Of course Sawyer's ride was mellow and he loved every minute. It was so much fun watching him out on the water. I actually felt a little nervous for him. What if he fell off and didn't know what to do? Of course everything was fine. It's just the mom in me wanting my boy to be safe.

Tristan had to make this ride a little more exciting so he decided to bounce around. He was hanging onto the side. The look on Sawyer's face at first was a little nervous but eventually he thought it was funny.
Sawyer was such a big boy! He loved being out on the water just like his mom and dad. I can't wait until we have a boat of our own.
These are our friends Jim and Jenny Orgill. Their daughter Lydia is one of our team girls. We always have a great time with these two. Thank you both for letting us join you out on the lake.
This is Lydia. She was cold so she was sitting with the heater. I love this picture of her.
Sawyer just looking around taking it all in. What an awesome boy!

Jenny has found a new sport she loves. Surfing off the back of the boat. I have never tried it but it looks so fun! I'm definitely going to try next time!
I love to wake board so that's what I decided to do. It's been a long time since I've wake boarded but it was just as fun as I remembered it being.

The three kids wanted a ride on the "death biscuit". The weather was stormy so it made their ride a good one. I must say it is so much fun watching people get bounced around and roll off the biscuit. I'm just glad it was them not me!
Mark and Sawyer just hanging out. What a great way to do some father son bonding.

Precious boy! Jenny thank you so much for being so good to Sawyer.
And then the storm hit. We new it was coming but just didn't want to leave. Eventually we were forced off the water. The rain drops were huge and looked so beautiful as they bounced off the water.
What a wonderful day we had out on the lake. Jim and Jenny thank you for having our family join you. We always have such a great time together. Thank you for your wonderful friendship! We look forward to our next outing together.

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