Thursday, September 29, 2011

Soccer Camp

My niece Brooke and one of her friends decided they wanted to teach a soccer camp this summer for little kids. Brooke is an awesome soccer player herself and she is super good with kids. I decided on our Wednesday visits to SLC, I would have Sawyer go to the camp. It was so much for all the kids. Brooke and her friend did such a great job.
Sawyer had a blast and loved being able to play soccer with his cousins.

Playing a game

On the last day of camp, Brooke decided to surprise the kids with a 5 minute run through the sprinklers. Of course they had a blast! Good thinking Brooke!

Here Sawyer is practicing dribbling the ball from one end of the grass to the other. He did a great job! I was impressed!
All the kids getting lined up for another skill demonstration.

I love how this picture turned out. All of the kids seem so interested in what Brooke was saying. She did such a great job with the kids.
Here is the group shot on the last day. Pretty good turn out for their first time teaching a soccer camp.
Thanks Brooke for inviting Sawyer to be a part of your camp. He had so much fun! He loves you and can't wait to go to camp next year!

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