Friday, November 18, 2011

Halloween Party at school

This year was so much fun with Sawyer and Halloween. He was really excited about dressing up, playing with friends, trick or treating and checking out all the other kids' costumes. Thanks to Aunt Holli for getting him this Spiderman Costume. Sawyer loves to wear it with the mask. I took this picture just before we left to pre-school for the Halloween party!

Here are the kids from Sawyer's pre-school. We love doing this co-op pre-school. The parents are great, and the kids get along. Rachel is wonder woman, Brecklyn is Bat woman, Sawyer is Spiderman, Xander is Ninja and Tati is Tinkerbell.

All the kids made their own bats out of their hands. It was such a great craft idea. You should try it!

Here are the BATS! I love them!

Rachel and Brecklyn!

Sawyer and Xander being silly.
They made pumpkins out of paper bags and colored faces on them.
We carved pumpkins! Rachelle was the teacher that day, she also dressed up.
I love this picture. All the kids look so happy! They had so much fun carving pumpkins and playing games.
The class with Miss Rachelle.
Crab walk races! I used to love doing this. It brings back so many memories.
Red light, green light is always a hit!
The kids had so much fun at the Halloween party! Thanks Rachelle for hosting the party!

Saturday we headed over to the ward "trunk or treat" with our friends Tiffany and Paul, Xander's parents. Sawyer webbed us as we left.

The kids sat in the back of the car passing out candy, or should I say eating candy! Sawyer had so much candy from one "trunk or treat." It was crazy!

Sawyer and Xander have become such good friends. They play so well together and both have such funny personalities.

We had such a great Halloween this year. Sawyer loved hanging out with his friends and playing for pretty much the entire weekend. Thanks everyone for playing! I can't wait to see what Sawyer decides to be next year!!!

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