Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Let the party begin

One of the best parts of owning your own gym is having a birthday party there. Sawyer has had all of his birthday parties at the gym and everyone loves it. This year there must have been around 30 kids. It was crazy! Sawyer gets so excited when people come to play with him, so this was really a treat. He had friends from school, gym class, church and cousins. It was awesome! I love watching all the kids run around laughing, jumping, playing tag and all round just being kids. Thanks to everyone who came to celebrate with us. You all are such a big part of our life and we love the friendships we have.
Sawyer and Davis found some cute girls to play with, Devory and Taylor. They are friends from the gym. Jamie and Miya are their moms and my friends. We all workout together.
The zip line is always a big hit. The kids love to go over and over again! Landing in the pit makes the ride even better!
Brecklyn and Rachel are friends from school. They loved the foam pit.
Tati, Ella, Holli and Christopher are all waiting in line for the zip line.
Silly girls!
Sawyer wanted a pirate party with a dinosaur cake. Interesting combination but its what he wanted and what he got. The kids all had a hat and horns to blow. Every parents dream! The kids loved it!
Davis, Rykel and Sawyer making as much noise as possible!
Grandma helped with the cake. It was perfect! Sawyer picked it out and couldn't wait to eat the head off. All the kids gathered around to sing happy birthday!
Rachel helped Sawyer open some presents. She gave him a pirate puzzle that fit perfect with the party theme.
Sawyer loved the Dinosaur book aunt Holli sent up.
The gifts just kept on coming. I must say it was extreme. Christopher sat on his moms lap the entire time. Sawyer loves playing with Christopher.
Devory and Sawyer opening up another gift.
Brooke and Bailey came up with grandma and Beatle. They loved the ramps and the trampolines. Thanks you to for coming to play. It wouldn't have been the same without you!
A few of the parents helping with the kids on the smaller ramp.
Xander is one of Sawyer's best friends. They play at the gym and are in the same pre school class. I'm friends with his mom Tiffany. She is a sweetheart and so is Xander. Thanks for being such friends to both of us.

Uncle Jason, Sawyer and Davis going down the ramp. Davis was a little nervous this time. But when he went down once, we couldn't get him to stop.
Sawyer being a goof! This art bucket is AWESOME! Rykel gave this to him.
After the party at the gym we headed up to the hotel to go swimming.
How adorable is this picture of Hudson and Hillary? I love it!
Brooke and Bailey took Davis and Sawyer swimming. We had so much fun watching them play and hanging out for the weekend.
Brooke is one beautiful girl! Love you sweetie!!!
Ready....Set....Yell.....Jump!!!! Davis is hilarious!!!!
Play time with cousin Brooke!
Bailey and Brooke are both such beautiful girls. They seemed to have a great time playing with the boys, in the pool and the gym.
4 dorks but sure funny ones!
Best buddies!!!

Well what do you think? A pretty awesome 4 year old birthday party. Thanks to everyone who came to play. Sawyer had so much fun and hopefully you all did too. Grandma, Hillary, Jason, Bailey, Brooke, Davis and Hudson, thank you all for driving up to Pocatello and spending the weekend with us. We love you all!
Sawyer I hope your 4Th birthday was a blast! We love you!!!!

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