Friday, November 25, 2011

Off to Kauai

This Halloween was not our traditional trick or treating and walking around the neighborhood with friends. This year we decided to go to Kauai on Halloween day. Since we celebrated Halloween at school and the "trunk or treat" on Saturday, Sawyer was just fine flying in his costume to Hawaii. We brought candy with us and the flight attendants also had candy. So he did get to do a little trick or treating. Here grandma and Sawyer are boarding the airplane. Sawyer was really excited! "Webbed!!!" The flight wouldn't have been the same without Spiderman!

We arrived in Kauai after a perfect flight. Spiderman was awesome as always. As you can see he is still in his costume, turning the heads of all the people walking around him. They thought it was great that he was flying in his costume!

Do you think he travels a lot? It's so crazy to watch how comfortable he is in airports everywhere we go. He is one independent boy!

Grandma and Sawyer waiting for the hotel shuttle.

We stayed at the Marriott Beach Resort on Kauai. This hotel was beautiful! I don't think we could have chosen a better place to stay. In case you aren't aware, this trip was set up for Mark and I to get married. YES I said MARRIED!!! After 5 years of dating we finally tied the knot! We couldn't be happier!

Hillary was my maid of honor, and pretty much did everything for me. She arranged for this hotel and we hired a wedding coordinator from the hotel as well. It was perfect!

Almost every morning there was a major rain storm.

Here is the view from one of our rooms. Isn't it beautiful!

The ocean view was wonderful!

We had a room that was right by the kid pool. The slide was a hit for both Sawyer a Davis. In this picture, I love how excited both Sawyer and grandma are. You can almost feel the excitement!

Sawyer loved having one on one time with grandma. I love watching them play together. Thanks mom for being the best mom and grandma ever!!!

My mom and I enjoying the warm weather. This is one of my favorite pictures of my mom and I. It isn't very often that we both like the picture. I love you mom!

Sawyer was all smiles when he was playing in the sand. He would dig all day long if we would let him. Precious!

More digging with a great view! I'm pretty sure Sawyer doesn't understand how lucky he is to get to travel the world. Hopefully he will remember all the places he has traveled.


Silly boy!!!

OK, this has to be the cutest picture ever! It makes me smile every time I look at it. Such pure love and happiness.

Handsome boys!!! This is a pretty good shot of both of them. I love you both.

In the lobby there was a Koi pond with huge fish.

Every day at 9am was feeding time!

I swear the fish would have come all the way out of the water to get the food. I guess it's a good thing Sawyer isn't afraid of fish!

Davis arrived on Wednesday which made Sawyer really happy. These two boys never stopped playing. They had everyone watching them and laughing at them. I'm pretty sure they thought they were twins.

Here you can see only Davis's feet as he went on his stomach down the slide.

Sawyer thought it would be fun to ride the raft down the slide. It was so funny because the boys would lay on each other and go down the slide on the raft. They went over and over as everyone watched and laughed.

Goofy boys getting ready to go down the slide.

These two boys had so much fun playing together in Hawaii. They are best friends. The trip wouldn't have been the same without Hillary, Jason and Davis.

Dinner time! On Wednesday after Dad and Jan arrived we headed to dinner. It was so nice just hanging out together.

Every morning we would walk to the ABC store. Just before we started our walk, these two boys decided to pose for the camera. What dorks!!!

Dad and Jan walking to breakfast!

I know you can't tell who is in the water but it is Hillary and Jason. When you zoom in it's a wonderful picture.

The boys played on this turtle all day everyday. They would go back and forth from the pool to the ocean carrying the turtle. It was hilarious!

On the go and headed for the ocean!!!

Davis riding the waves!

Jason would start the boys out a little ways so they could get a better ride. They loved every minute!


I'm not quite sure what he is doing here but I thought he looked adorable!

These two boys are going to be trouble when they grow up. I can just feel it coming!!! But for now, they are so adorable and hilarious.

Cheez!!!! It's breakfast time and it's delicious!

Once their tummies were full, they headed back to the pool for more fun on the slide.

How funny is this picture! Sawyer is riding on Davis's back. They loved it!!!! We loved watching!!!

This was taken just after the wedding. Happy newlyweds!!!

How precious!This picture was taken by Sawyer. Not to bad, just a little blury.

Jason, Davis and Hillary on the tram headed to the Luau.
We rode the tram around the Luau area looking at all the different plants, animals and culture. It was beautiful.Jan seemed to really enjoy it. She was taking pictures as I took one of this statue.
Sawyer really wanted to pet the peacock. He got pretty close but I think they both got scared!
Something about this tree really caught my attention. I love how it looks. It reminds me of the perfect childrens storybook tree. It definitly has my imagination going.
Davis was loving the pig roast. We watched them uncover and take the pig out of the ground. It really is a fascinating process.
It even captured the attenttion of the adults.Sawyer and Davis loving every minute of the uncovering of the pig.
Here we all are at the dinner. Mom, Dad, Jan, Hillary, Jason, Davis, Sawyer, Mark and me. It was a wonderful dinner and evening together.After dinner there was a show. They did dances from all the different islands. It was awesome!
The hula dancers were all fantastic. I will say Sawyer and Davis's favorite part was definitely the drangon and the Haku.
The next day, one day into married life, Mark, Sawyer, Jason, Davis and my dad spent a couple hours playing in the big pool. It was one of the most memoriable parts of the trip for me. I love watching Mark and Sawyer play. It was just an added bonus to have grandpa, and our best friends playing.
Jason is looking studly as he gets ready to paddleboard. It's really much harder than it looks.Off he goes!
Papa and grandma Jan look like they are out on a mission.
Yep! It was a mission and they found a nice big stick. Thanks papa!Well, all good things must come to an end. We headed to the airport the next day to come home. We had the perfect trip. Great weather, good company and most of all our wedding was amazing. We are so grateful that everyone we asked to join us, made it.

Here we are at the airport waiting for our flight. It was delayed for 5 hours! We made the best of it and the kids were great! Doesn't it look fun!
Davis was one tired boy at the airport. Isn't he precious!

I don't know how to explain how wonderful this trip was. Everything seemed to go perfect! Hillary, I can't thank you enough for all your help with the hotel, and getting the wedding arranged. You made it so our trip was smooth and one we will always remember. Dad and Jan we are so glad that you were able to join us on this trip. I'm positive you don't know how much it meant to both Mark and I that you were there. We love you so much and are so grateful that you shared this memory with us. Mom, we love you so much! This trip wouldn't have been the same without you. You have been such a wonderful example to all of us. We also want to thank you for sharing this memory with us. Jason, Hillary and Davis, your family has added so much to our life. We love you all so much! You are truely our best friends. You have a way of making us feel so loved and appreciated. Thank you so much for being such a big part of our lives. We can't thank you enough for all your help bringing this trip all together and making a memory that we will never forget.

We love you all so much and thank you all for coming to Hawaii with us!!!


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Yay for Hawaii post! Looks like a wonderful time for all of you, now if you'd just post one in your wedding dress! :) Love you guys!

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looks like fun!!!!!!!