Monday, January 9, 2012

Brady's blessing

Sawyer and I headed to Cleveland for a few days to see our newest cousin/nephew Brady. We were so excited to finally see him in person, get to hold him, feed him, play with him and do all the fun things aunts and cousins get to do. We had so much fun playing and spending time with the entire family. We headed out not only to see Brady but to be apart of his baby blessing. It's such an important time to have support and love from family. We were so glad we could be there. Here is this beautiful little boy!

Brady Nicholas Sorensen Sawyer has recently been really interested in babies. He really can't wait to have his own baby brother or sister but for now cousins will have to do. He was so good with him. He was super soft and loved everything about him. I loved watching his gentle side come out. He is going to be a great big brother one day.
What better place to be than with Papa in the rocking chair.
Pucker up those handsome lips! You are to cute Brady!!!
All warm an cozy in grandma's arms. Precious!
I love this little guy! He is so sweet and lovable! Brady I hope you know how much your Aunt Kimmy loves you!
Sawyer and Heidi love to play together. They went missing for a minute but when we found them in Mitchell's room, they were in the corner playing with this wig. It was hilarious! Other than this one picture, everytime someone would look at them the wig would come right off. They must have been embarrassed. Such cute kids!
While in Cleveland we were lucky enough to go watch Ali in a gymnastics meet. She is turning out to be a fantastic gymnast. I love watching her and hearing about all the fun things she is learning. She did AWESOME!!!!
On the way to the meet. She didn't even seem nervous.
Papa told Sawyer a couple stories while we waited for Ali's turn to compete. As you can see he is really into the story. I wonder if he was hearing the story about the marshmallow man!!!
Caroline and Brady!

Listening intently to Papa's story. I love it!!

Ali ended up placing on all events and in the all round. She is truly a fantastic gymnast. I hope she continues to stay with it and love it!!!!
Ali and Caroline being silly girls like always! They had everyone laughing in their dress ups!!
The boys before the blessing. Mitchell, Brandon, Brady and Sawyer. How handsome!!!

Brandon has always been so good to Sawyer. You can see how much Sawyer really loves Brady and Brandon. Thanks for being so good to him!!!

All the grand kids that where able to make it to the blessing. Ali, Caroline, Sawyer, Heidi, Kennedy, Brady and Mitch.

After a wonderful blessing and great visit to Cleveland, it was time to head home. Haley and Brandon thank you for letting us be a part of such a wonderful occasion. We love you all so much and are so excited for Brady to be a part of such a wonderful family. He is so blessed to have such wonderful parents and siblings to love and cherish him. Congratulations!!!!

At the airport Sawyer found the kids zone! Good thing because we were stuck for a few hours. The perks of flying standby!!!

3,2,1 BLASTOFF!!!!! He loved this rocket!
The two of us having fun together. I love you so much Sawyer!!!

We had such a great time in Cleveland. Hopefully we can go back to visit early this summer. It's one of our favorite trips, so its definitely a must.

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What a fun time! Thanks for sharing! I really need flight benefits!!!