Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Hudson came to visit

Over Thanksgiving Hillary and Jason decided to take Davis to New York to celebrate the start of the holiday season in the big city. Since the weather back east is so cold and unpredictable, they decided to leave Hudson with us. We couldn't have been more thrilled! We love this little guy so much! Here we are on the airplane headed up to Pocatello. I'm not sure how I managed getting two sleeping kids on and off the plane but this is how he spent the flight. Sound asleep in my lap. So sweet!!! Mark and Husdon have always had a great bond. As soon as Hudson sees Mark, he gets a big grin on his face. If Mark doesn't pick him up, Hudson's feelings are definitely hurt. As you can see from this picture, Hudson snuggles right into Mark.
I love it! This is exactly what Sawyer used to do when he was that same age. Bright light!!!! Good morning sunshines!!!!
Sawyer loved every minute that Hudson was at our house. He would wake up ready to play, help feed him, get him dressed, make sure he didn't get any toys that were to small etc. He is going to be such a great big brother. As for Hudson, I know he missed his family but we sure loved having him.
I couldn't get a good picture of him in these silly glasses but he looked hilarious!
A little blurry but such an adorable boy! I just can't get enough of this sweet boy!!
We decided to make him this bed in between our bed and the wall so he would feel safe. He loved it!!! It was set up perfect! He slept almost every night without waking up. Doesn't he look precious!!!!
As we waited in the airport to fly Hudson home, Sawyer decided to tell him about all the pictures on the wall. Sawyer was in deep thought as Hudson was more interested in his bottle!
Sawyer and Hudson crawling around the airport. Sawyer was trying help him get around the airport so he could see everything. I really loved watching the two of them play.
Hudson pulled himself up on the chair in the airport. I think that is one of the first times he had done that. He pulled himself up and was trying to walk around the chairs. It was priceless!
We must have worn him out or maybe he was just getting rested because he new we were headed back to SLC to see mom, dad and Davis. All I know is this little guy has a personality that is contagious. He is happy, smiling all the time, loving, and so much fun to be around. We are so glad they asked us to watch him while they enjoyed the big city!

What a fantastic week we had with Hudson. We are more than happy to have the kids stay at our house anytime. Sawyer, thanks for being so nice to Hudson and helping take care of him. Hudson you are a sweet boy who makes everyone smile. Hill and Jason please send either of the kids up anytime. We love you all!!

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