Sunday, February 19, 2012

Christmas Eve 2011

Christmas Eve 2011!!! Sawyer was so excited for his first Christmas to come that when we told him it was time for a tubbie and for his one gift on Christmas Eve, he couldn't have been ready faster! He took his tub, put on his robe and headed down stairs to see his Christmas Eve gift.
.What could it be.......
Christmas jammies of course!!! He was so excited for his new guitar Christmas jammies. He looks so happy!!! He makes me melt!
A perfect fit!!!

What goes the best with guitar jammies... a guitar of course!!! Sawyer was all about playing his guitar for us in his new jammies. We loved every minute of it!!!!

Christmas cookies for Santa!!! Sawyer loved making cookie cutters for Santa and was really excited about the apples we put outside for the deer. No one wants the deer to go hungry!!!

What a wonderful memory of our first Christmas Eve in our new house. Sawyer is such a special boy and he makes every moment pure joy!

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