Sunday, February 19, 2012

Davis loved his first gymnastics class

Hillary brought the boys up to Pocatello for a couple days while Jason was out of town. It's always so fun when the cousins come up to play (or anyone for that matter). This was the first time Davis took an actual gymnastics class. He stayed with the class the entire time, listened to the teachers and did a great job. As you can see from his superhero jump ( it reminds me of Iron Man) on the tramp he is loving it!!! Sawyer and Davis waiting patiently for their turn. Such good boys!

Davis is learning how to do a cartwheel!

Strong arms!!! Davis holding himself up on a chin up. Cutest face ever!!! Sawyer is getting ready to take his turn next to Davis.

Hudson got to do some tricks and play in the octagon while the boys were in class. Watching him smile and laugh is contagious. He is such a precious boy!

It was so fun watching the kids play at the gym. Sawyer and Davis did so awesome in class! The coaches keep asking when Davis gets to come back to class with Sawyer. The two boys together are hilarious! I'm so glad they all came up to play. Thanks Hill for a great couple of days!!

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