Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Miranda and Todd

Miranda and Todd came up to visit over the Thanksgiving weekend. We haven't spent much time with them lately so we were really excited when then decided to come up. The kids always love the gym so we spent most of our time there. Keaghan and Erin built this nice sitting station out of foam. It was the perfect thrown!!!

There is Keaghan "King of the Hill"!!
Miranda and Todd all smiles as the kids played. What a perfect couple.
The kids hard at play
Still playing! Everyone was getting along and having so much fun playing together.
Landen is so silly! He loves playing in the foam pit and trying to hide. Sawyer and Landen love playing together.
All thumbs up for these 3 boys!
Kianoa and Erin. She is such a sweet big sister to all the kids. She has a mother instinct that I'm sure adds calm to the family.
Kianoa is ready to swing!!!!
Everyone seemed to have a great time playing at the gym. We also spent some time at the hotel swimming and just hanging out. We always love it when Miranda and Todd bring the family up to play. We love you all so much and hope you will come up again soon!!!

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