Monday, February 20, 2012

Washington D.C.

Over the Christmas break, we decided to take Sawyer to Washington D.C. We really wanted to take him to the Smithsonian Museums. The Air and Space Museum along with the Natural History Museum were our two main stops. He had no idea what he was about to see. We were so excited when we finally got to the airport and boarded our plane.

Sawyer was really excited as you can see!!! Here is Sawyer on the subway in D.C. We were headed to our hotel.
Sawyer standing in front on the hotel. We ended up getting a great rate at the Donovan House. It was super modern and really nice.

Inside the lobby of the hotel. Sawyer found these wonderful stools, he must not have seen the hanging swings around the corner. Yes I said "swings in the lobby!"

We dropped our stuff off in the room and decided the White House would be our first stop. It was evening so the Museums were already closed. Sawyer loved seeing the White House. He was climbing all over the bars and posing for pictures. It was so much fun!!

Sawyer and I in front of the White House. I love this picture of the two of us. It was so cold outside but we were all having so much fun!!! The best memories!!!
We stopped to see the National Christmas Tree. Watching Sawyer's face when he saw the tree with all the trains going around was priceless! We let him watch the trains that night for about 30 minutes. He made us promise we would go back the next day! It was awesome!

The next morning we went inside the Natural History Museum. What an amazing entrance! Sawyer was hilarious!!! He walked in and went running over to the Elephant. He couldn't believe how big it was and that it was actually inside the Museum.
WOW!!! The dinosaur exhibit is indescribable. It truly is one of the most spectacular places I have ever been. Sawyer was in awe with everything there was to see. He loved the T-REX of course!!! This is the actual one from "Night at the Museum Two" just in case you didn't already know.
You can't see what Sawyer is looking at but it is a pterodactyl on the ceiling!!! One of his favorites!
Daddy and Sawyer enjoying all the exhibits!!!
I thought this little guy was so adorable. Sawyer loved it to!
Sawyer also loved the Stegasaurus. He stood looking at this guy forever!!!
I love this picture of Mark and Sawyer. They were both having so much fun and the perfect shot of the Pterodactyl in the background.
Watch out Sawyer!!! He might poop!!!
Looking at the sea creatures was also amazing. This entire Museum is amazing!
This Sloth was HUGE!!!!! I would be terrified if one of these were after me.

The Capital Building. What a beautiful place this is.
As we walked from the Natural History Museum over to the Air and Space Museum, we came across this carousel. Can you believe it!!! We find one on every trip. It's become a tradition.
Yea for finding the Carousel!!!!
Sawyer loved every minute of it even though it was freezing!!
And of course he found a stick like always. He has his imaginary friends with him that also hold on to the stick. This is also something that ends up happening on every trip we take. It's hilarious!
You can only imagine how excited he was when we walked into the Air and Space Museum. He was so excited!! He was running from place to place saying "dad look, dad look" as he pointed to all the planes. He was awesome!!!
I'm pretty sure that flying a plane is going to be in his future. He is fascinated with them!
Looking at some of the first air planes. Sawyer thought they were pretty cool.
He really wanted to get into the cockpit of this airplane. I love how you can actually feel how much he wants to get through the glass. He is so special!
The Wright Brothers Plane!!! What an amazing piece of history. Without this airplane Sawyer's life would be so different. He has been so many places, seen so many famous landmarks and traveled the world. Without the Wright Brothers, I'm not sure what our experiences would have been.
After a couple hours in the Air and Space Museum, we headed over to the National Art Museum. Sawyer was such a trooper! He was all smiles as we walked in. He loved this statue and all the red poinsettias.
He was having such a wonderful time!
This is the only Da Vinci in the western hemisphere. The beauty on the front is breathtaking!! But the back is just as beautiful.
This is the back. What an amazing piece of art.

Sawyer did tire out while we were looking at the art work. He was so awesome!!! He was so tired, he would lay down in each room until we were done looking at all the pieces then we would head to the next room. He would get up, walk to the next couch and lay back down. It was so special.
Rembrandt's Apostle Paul.
How sweet is this little guy. He was sitting on the stairs outside the Art Museum. He loved it!!!

Back on the subway headed back to the hotel for a little nap!! How precious!!!!

He was so tired!!!! He didn't even make it all the way onto the bed.

After a quick nap, we went out into the night and visited the Washington Monument. I find it so beautiful!!!
The Lincoln Memorial is so amazing!!! Even Sawyer couldn't wait to get to the top.
Sawyer ran all the way to the top without stopping. I'm pretty sure very few kids can do that considering there about about 5 flights of stairs. Cheese!!!!!
Our favorite family picture of the trip. You can almost feel the excitment in the picture. We were all having such a great time! It's to bad it had to be such a short trip.
What a wonderful way to spend our Christmans break. As a family enjoying what we all love so much. Traveling!! This was such a great trip. We saw so many amazing things, took Sawyer to places that many kids never get the chance to see. It's so much fun watching him experience all of these new places. He is such an amazing boy!!! Mark, thank you so much for taking our family to D.C. for the holidays. It was the perfect way to bring the holidays to an end. We love you so much!!!

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