Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Davis flew home with Sawyer

Sawyer was so excited when he found out Davis was coming to Pocatello. Not only was he going to fly on the airplane with us, he was going to have 3 sleepovers and go to preschool with Sawyer. These two boys are so much fun together. I couldn't wait to have them for a few days at our house. Yea for sleepovers!!!!

Here are the boys holding hands as they walk to the airplane. Cheese!!! They were so excited to get on the plane.
I sat next to them in the single seat. They thought they were so big sitting in their own seats. Just the two of them.
Having a nice conversation. Everyone around us thought they were twins. They couldn't believe how good they both were.
Being silly before the main door closed.
They were so excited about having a sleepover that neither of them fell to sleep on the plane. I guess that's a good thing since there is no way I could have carried them both!

They jumped into Sawyer's bed, put on a movie and were out in no time.
After a good nights rest, it was time for preschool. Davis was really excited to see what Sawyer's school was like. Davis goes to Discovery preschool, he loves it! They were all smiles as we headed to the car.

Hillary and Jason came up for the weekend. We had so much fun visiting with them and letting the kids play at the hotel. We always have such a blast with Hillary and Jason. Thanks you two for being such great friends.

What a great week for all of us. Sawyer was so excited that Davis was able to come up for a few days. I must say, I loved every minute.

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