Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Good times at pre school

I haven't posted about Sawyer's pre school yet. We have him a co-op pre school where we trade houses each week and the parents get to teach the lessons. It has been such a wonderful experience. All the parents have a background/experience teaching so it works out really well. My friend Tiffany is in charge and has been doing it for years. There are only five kids in the class and they love it!! As you can see we just learned about dinosaurs and had the kids make dinosaur hats. The kids in order, Xander, Sawyer, Tati, Brecklyn, and Rachel
We have had such a great time getting to know all the kids and being part of the co-op group. Thanks to Tiffany for asking us to join.

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Paul & Tiffany said...

Love the photo. Thanks! It has been so great. So happy to make such great friends.