Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Late Christmas exchange

Since we headed to Washington D.C. right after Christmas, Sawyer didn't get a chance to visit with Aunt Gerry or do his gift exchange with Mckinnley. Once we were back in SLC we headed over to Aunt Gerry to admire all her wonderful decorations and let Sawyer play for a while.

Gerry always goes way over board when it comes to Christmas. Aside from the gifts, she does an amazing job decorating her house. When you walk in her house the feeling of Christmas is all around. It is the most wonderful feeling.
Aunt Gerry finding a present for Sawyer. Sawyer loved having his own time with aunt Gerry, opening his presents and playing with them at her house. Thanks Gerry!!! We love you!!!
After Aunt Gerry's house we headed over to the McDonald's house so Mckinnley could give Sawyer his present from the gift exchange. Sawyer loves playing with Buddy!! All the kids had so much fun opening the present and playing. Buddy picked out the perfect gift. Superheros of course!!!!

Sawyer was so excited to open the squad car. It's definitely one of his favorite gifts. Thanks Gerry and Buddy for letting Sawyer celebrate Christmas with you a little late. We love you both and can't thank you enough!!!

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