Friday, April 27, 2012

Hawaii with Grandma Connie

We headed to Hawaii once again to get out of the cold and play in the sun with Grammy Connie.  Mark's mom hasn't been feeling very well so the kids decided to put her in an assisted living home.  Before she went to her new place, all the kids had a chance to have mom stay with them for a week.  She definitely made the rounds.  She started in Logan with Mike, headed to Draper with Bryce, then to Phoenix with Lisa, then to California with Lori where we picked her up.  From California, we flew her to Hawaii for a relaxing few days.  She loved it!!!!  I think it was the perfect journey before arriving at her new place in Logan.

Sawyer was really excited that Grandmmy Connie was coming with us this time.  We started our journey at 5:00am so here he is, ready to go get Grammy!!!!

Nothing like a delicious breakfast sandwich at the LAX airport.

We made it to Hawaii!!!  You can tell by his big grin he is ready to go play in the sand.

Sawyer and Grammy out on our balcony.

We didn't tell many people we were headed back to Hawaii so I sent this picture out letting everyone know where we were.  Isn't he adorable!!!!

Nothing like a deluxe Mocha.  Look at that design!!!!

We stayed at what has become one of our favorite hotels, the Grand Wailea.  It is breathtaking!!!  This was taken at one of the lookout spots.  It really is an amazing view.  Sawyer loved being with his Grammy!

Connie also loved the view!

We headed down to Sawyer's favorite pool.  The sand pool!  It is the perfect kids pool.  They can touch the bottom, build sand castles on the bank and it's warm.  It's awesome!

Sawyer was really brave with his swimming. He even started to dive into the water.  It was hilarious!!!  Ready.....Set.......GO!!!!

Belly flop!!!!!  He did it over and over!!!  Good times!

Building in the sand pool with the ocean view behind him.  So relaxing!

We took Connie down to the ocean to enjoy the waves and the breeze.  She loved being out in the warm breeze and watching all the people pass by.  Sawyer sat right beside her under the umbrella.
We all enjoyed just hanging out, talking, and enjoying each others company.

Sawyer always falls asleep at the beach.  It doesn't matter how much fun he is having.  He will nap anywhere knowing he will wake up in the same place, ready to start playing again.

We laid him down for a more comfortable rest!

Grammy decided to get up and enjoy the sand and water on her feet.  She looks beautiful!!!

Mark and his mom enjoying their time together. 

I love this picture of Mark and Connie.  They were just talking and enjoying the surroundings.  Something about it just captures the moment.  It was awesome!

Connie has found her love for running again.  She decided it was time to run along the beach.  She was amazing!!!  She ran about a mile and loved every minute.

Go mom Go!!!!

A good talk after a nice run!

We headed back to the room and cleaned up.  Sawyer was ready for the evening.  I think he was a superhero.  That's a surprise!!!

Sawyer was showing us how beautiful the sunset looked.  He has definitely learned about the natural beauty all around him..

Just being Sawyer!!!

One of my favorite pictures of the trip.  Mark, Sawyer and Grammy!!!  We love you Grammy!!!

Sawyer took this picture of Connie and I.  He must have a natural gift for picture taking.  Nice job!

Me and Sawyer.  I love you little guy!

My boys!!!  I love you both!!!

This was Grammy's favorite picture when I showed her all the pictures we had taken.

Back to the swimming pool!!!!

He never has enough swimming time!!!  He sure is getting good!

Another day and another nap on the beach!  Hilarious!

After our day at the beach, it was time to head for ice cream.  We found this delicious ice cream parlor near by.  From the look on Sawyer's face, you can tell how delicious the ice cream was. What a goof!!

We wanted Grammy to see the sunset one more time before we had to leave the next day.  I didn't capture much of the sunset but I tried.  I do like this picture of Mark and Sawyer. 

Grammy and Sawyer enjoying the sunset.  She was so glad we took her out to watch the sun go down one more time.  I will say there is nothing like the sunsets in Maui!

Connie enjoying the last couple hours in Hawaii on our balcony.  She would have sat out there all day if we let her.  She really loved it!!!

Mark relaxing just before leaving for the airport.

What an amazing trip we all had.  I'm so glad we were able to take Connie to Hawaii.  She really seemed to enjoy the stress free environment and warm weather.  We are also so grateful we got to spend this time together as a family with Grammy.  We really want Sawyer to remember how special his Grammy is and hopefully he will remember this trip and how much fun he had with his Grammy!  We love you Grammy!!!!

Sawyer and Cooper

Sawyer's friend Cooper moved to California a few months ago.  Cooper's mom Carlie started a YouTube channel called CarlieStylez that she has been working on while in Cali.  Cooper came to the gym to visit the other day to play and visit with Sawyer.  Sawyer was so excited to see Cooper.  As you can see they love playing and are such great friends. It's to bad they ended up moving to Cali.  I guess we will just have to fly down to visit and go to Disneyland. 

Sawyer and Cooper.  Such handsome boys!!!

They were playing superheros as they jumped into the pit.  I made them capes so they would feel like real superheros. 
They loved the slide. They just kept on going.  No time for rest! I wish I had the energy of a kid again.

Cooper, we were so excited that you came to play.  Sawyer misses playing with you!  Hopefully we can come to Cali and visit.  See you soon little buddy!!!

Pre School Field Trip

We had another pre school field trip to the gym.  The kids love playing at the gym!  It's always fun to see the kids just being themselves.  Running free in the gym and playing whatever they want.  They are always so creative.  Thanks Tiffany for letting us have the field trip at the gym.  It was a blast!!!

Tiffany, Braden, Xander and Sawyer playing in the pit.

Xander and Sawyer being silly.  I couldn't find Sawyer until he popped his head out of the foam.
Tati and Rachel loved the ramp slides.  They went up and down for a good 30 minutes.  Good exercise girls!!!
All the kids on top of the ramp.  Rachel, Brecklyn, Tati, Sawyer and Xander.  1,2,3 GO!!!!
Braden is Xander's little brother (Tiffany's youngest).  He is so adorable!!!
Rachelle and Tasia on the trap. 
Having girl time on the ramps.  These three get along so well.  It's so much fun watching them play!

Thanks everyone for coming to play at the gym.  I can't wait to see what the next field trip is.  Maybe we will head to the park or the zoo since it's warm weather.  Yeah!!!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Happy Easter 2012

Easter this year was really fun!  Sawyer was really excited about dying eggs and getting his carrots out for the Easter bunny.  It was Mark, Sawyer and I dying eggs so it was quiet with no major spills.  It seems like every year there is at least one dye that spills everywhere.  Not this year!!!

Sawyer had so much fun getting the eggs as dark as he could.  He was successful!
 The "I love you egg" I made for Sawyer.
 Mark and Sawyer dying eggs together.  Sawyer loved the blue dye.  It worked great!
 Two blue eggs!  Sawyers favorite!
 Sawyer put out his carrots and crackers for the Easter bunny.  He made this sign all by himself.  It is so precious.  In case you can't read it, it says, "Please Easter bunny enjoy the carrots.  Love Sawyer."
 Sawyer with his plate of goodies.
 Easter morning!  I love this kid!
 Looking for Easter eggs!  He found one!
 And another...
 He found all the eggs, then his basket.  He was so excited!!!
 He got  the Scentsy buddy duck.  It has turned out to be a new favorite guy.
 Here he is with his basket and all the eggs he found.  It looks like a lot of stuff but really the Easter basket was small so the Easter bunny couldn't fit it in the basket.  Oh well!
 He found money in a couple of eggs.  Lucky boy! 
 We had a nice quiet morning just the 3 of us.  Sawyer loved hunting for eggs and opening them to see what was inside.  We cleaned up and headed to church in the afternoon.

After church, our neighbors invited Sawyer over to do an Easter egg hunt with their kids.  Rebecca and Ron have 3 kids.  Elle is 5, Evan is almost 4, and Ben is almost 2.  They love playing together and all get along so well.  We all had a blast!
Sawyer and Evan showing us all the eggs they found.

 Elle trying to get the egg out of the tree.   Sawyer was going to help her.  What a polite boy!
 The four of them with their baskets. 
We had a wonderful Easter Day!  We all enjoyed spending the day together, remembering the Resurrection of Jesus and feeling the spirit. It's always nice when you spend the holidays with the ones you love and friends who make you feel good.  Happy Easter!!!