Saturday, April 21, 2012

Birthday celebration at Disneyland!

Happy Birthday Caroline, Davis and Hudson!!!
Sawyer and I were lucky enough to be able to join Holli, Caroline, Hillary, Jason, Davis and Hudson for a birthday celebration at Disneyland!!! Yes Disneyland!!! Every kids dream come true, right?!  Hillary and Holli set everything up. We stayed at the Disneyland Adventure Hotel, had a dinner and breakfast with the characters (of course the characters were different depending on where you had your meal.) Not to mention a 3 day park hopper. It was awesome! Hill and Jason went to California a few days early and visited with Matthew (Jason's brother). When we arrived, they were already at Disneyland. We hurried to check into the hotel and ran to meet up with them. This picture expresses the excitement both boys had when they saw each other. The excitement didn't fade for the entire trip.

They were both hilarious!!! Holli bought the boys these hats and sunglasses that were obviously a huge hit. Thanks Holli!!!
Strike a pose boys!!!!

Sawyer loves Holli and Caroline so much. I can only hope they both feel how much Sawyer loves being with them.
Our first night we decided to have dinner with the characters before Jason had to leave. Here Davis, Sawyer, Caroline and Holli wait patiently for us to be seated. I will say it's hard to be patient when you can see all the Disney characters around the corner.
The first picture with Goofy!!! We had dinner at Goofy's kitchen.
Everyone loves Pluto!
Snow White was also a big hit.
Of course everyones favorite is Minnie Mouse!
Chip and Dale made the rounds as well.
Caroline got a big hug from Pluto! The boys were jealous!

Mulan was a surprise hit. I didn't know Sawyer knew who Mulan was.

Watching the kids with all the characters was so much fun. We were pleasantly surprised that none of them were afraid. They were all about meeting all of them, taking pictures and getting autographs.

The next day we headed back to the rides. Peter Pan was everyones first choice. It's always the longest ride but worth it!

I love this picture! There's just something about Disneyland that makes everyone happy. I love it!
Off to the tea cups. They wouldn't let me ride with them in fear I would shake the babies brain.

Holli looking her best!!!
Small world! We had to call Aunt Gerry as we were getting ready to get on the ride. This has always been her favorite ride. Now it seems to be at the top of all of our lists.
Grandma and Hudson on Dumbo.
Holli purchased these sweet Mohawks that light up at night time. We loved them!
On the carousal.
Sawyer loving the ride.

I think Hillary liked the carousel more than the kids did. LOL!!!
Hudson is such a sweet boy! He was so good for the entire trip. He did get tired waiting in line for Toy Story. How cute is this picture!
The boys on Toy Story! I will say, I loved this ride.
Hillary and Davis on the swings. Caroline is next to them and Sawyer and I are just behind.
This was the first time the boys were tall enough to ride most of the rides. They were so excited! Maybe we were more excited for them since we get to ride with them.
Sawyer and Holli on the rockets!
This is another one of my favorite pictures.
Grandma and Hudson.
One handsome boy!
Another handsome boy!
Sawyer was so excited about his new Woody hat! He was posing all day.
Two Woodys on the loose!
Headed over to see Woody and Jessie.
We found Woody!!! The boys were so excited!
Then we saw Jessie! It was perfect!
The boys just got more silly as the days went on! They were definitely entertaining.
Time for breakfast with the characters. This is the perfect way for kids to meet all the characters without waiting in long lines at Disneyland. Plus they aren't so rushed so the kids actually get to talk to them. It was awesome!
Holli and Sawyer snuggled up to Dale!

Hudson and Davis loved him!
They boys were all smiles as they got autographs.
Silly boys!
Hudson loved the Bear. He was smiling and snuggled up to him. It was hilarious!
Davis and Sawyer with the Gorilla from Tarzan. They loved this one also!

Warming up to Raphicki!

What an awesome trip!!! I'm so glad that Caroline, Davis and Hudson invited us to celebrate with them. Hillary and Holli, you set up the perfect birthday party! I hope the kids remember it forever! Next years party has big shoes to fill! Good luck!!!
Thank you all for a wonderful trip!!!!

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So fun! I hope you blow up that pic of the boys posing in their sunglasses, that is classic!