Saturday, April 21, 2012

Grace's Birthday at Hollywood Connection


Sawyer and I went down to SLC for a birthday celebration for Grace just after Disneyland.  I must say March is a busy month for birthdays!!!  Sawyer loves playing with Grace and Jr., so when I told him we were headed to Grace's birthday party he was super excited.  Grace turned 8 this year.  She is such a sweet girl with a warm spirit.  We love her so much!  Happy Birthday Grace!!!

Grace on the ride that is similar to bumper cars.  They are so much fun!
 Grace, Lily, Jr, Sawyer and Davis waiting to eat pizza.  What's a party without pizza!!!
 Jr, Davis and Sawyer riding the carousal.  It's always one of their faves!
 We decided to take the boys roller skating at Grace's request. It was fun but they didn't last long.  I'm pretty sure we only went around 3 times.  LOL!!! 
 Sawyer loved this skating tool that helps the kids learn to skate.  It was pretty awesome!
 Me trying to keep all the kids upright!  It was a task but I managed to keep them on their feet!!!

 Grace, Lily and Sawyer ready to come down the slide.  Grace and Lily are pretty much best friends.  They are both such great girls.  Love you both!
Jr on the bumper cars (I'm not sure the real name for them). 

We had so much fun celebrating with Grace.  Grace we love you so much and wish you the best for the next year.  Thank you so much for being such a great cousin to Sawyer.  Your the best!!!
Happy, happy birthday!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Lily loves Grace, they are like sisters. So glad she has that, we know it's so special. Thanks for posting. Love you!