Saturday, April 21, 2012

Happy Easter 2012

Easter this year was really fun!  Sawyer was really excited about dying eggs and getting his carrots out for the Easter bunny.  It was Mark, Sawyer and I dying eggs so it was quiet with no major spills.  It seems like every year there is at least one dye that spills everywhere.  Not this year!!!

Sawyer had so much fun getting the eggs as dark as he could.  He was successful!
 The "I love you egg" I made for Sawyer.
 Mark and Sawyer dying eggs together.  Sawyer loved the blue dye.  It worked great!
 Two blue eggs!  Sawyers favorite!
 Sawyer put out his carrots and crackers for the Easter bunny.  He made this sign all by himself.  It is so precious.  In case you can't read it, it says, "Please Easter bunny enjoy the carrots.  Love Sawyer."
 Sawyer with his plate of goodies.
 Easter morning!  I love this kid!
 Looking for Easter eggs!  He found one!
 And another...
 He found all the eggs, then his basket.  He was so excited!!!
 He got  the Scentsy buddy duck.  It has turned out to be a new favorite guy.
 Here he is with his basket and all the eggs he found.  It looks like a lot of stuff but really the Easter basket was small so the Easter bunny couldn't fit it in the basket.  Oh well!
 He found money in a couple of eggs.  Lucky boy! 
 We had a nice quiet morning just the 3 of us.  Sawyer loved hunting for eggs and opening them to see what was inside.  We cleaned up and headed to church in the afternoon.

After church, our neighbors invited Sawyer over to do an Easter egg hunt with their kids.  Rebecca and Ron have 3 kids.  Elle is 5, Evan is almost 4, and Ben is almost 2.  They love playing together and all get along so well.  We all had a blast!
Sawyer and Evan showing us all the eggs they found.

 Elle trying to get the egg out of the tree.   Sawyer was going to help her.  What a polite boy!
 The four of them with their baskets. 
We had a wonderful Easter Day!  We all enjoyed spending the day together, remembering the Resurrection of Jesus and feeling the spirit. It's always nice when you spend the holidays with the ones you love and friends who make you feel good.  Happy Easter!!!

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